Suave Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo Smells Divine.

Suave, the best kept secret in the hair aisle, has recently jumped into the formaldehyde-free keratin-based, hair-straightening game. I'm still Thermafused, so I haven't tried it, but if you have, I would love to hear your experience!

To go with their at-home Keratin system, they have also launched a full line of products, including a Lower Sulfate Shampoo and Conditioner for virgin and colored hair, a Heat Defense Leave-In Conditioner, a Smooth & Shine Serum and a Dry Shampoo. While I can't explain why they need sulfate in the shampoo at all, I can tell you that the Dry Shampoo is the bee's knees.

First of all, like all Suave Dry Shampoos, it smells amazing, better than any other hair product I currently have in my arsenal. It also keeps my second-, third- and in a pinch, fourth-day hair looking great (or, honestly, on the fourth day, passable). It's a tricky thing for a dry shampoo to keep the winning streak alive that long, but this one seems to do it effortlessly.

It is also great to spray throughout your hair, not just on your scalp. It gives you volume, a fresh scent, takes away extra oils and costs less than almost any other dry shampoo on the market. And there is no residual whiteness. There is virtually no whiteness at all! You can spray it into a pool in your hand and there is next to no whiteness. Perfection! Check out this dry shampoo and the entire line of Suave Keratin Infusion Products here.

Have you tried their dry shampoos? Would you try their at-home straightening system or would you rather pay a few hundred at the salon and be done with it? Tell me in the comments!

I've bought enough Suave in my days to fill a truck. This particular one was sent for review.

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  1. You know it. :D

  2. I may try this dry shampoo. I have the other Suave dry shampoo and it is pretty nice. 

    I, for one can't use sulphate free shampoo. I have tried so many brands, drugstore to fancy-schmancy salon brands and the result is always the same: Straw stack hair that looks and feels as if it were washed in rocket fuel and a scalp that itches and cries in misery. I think that my hair is possessed... lol

  3. Thank goodness you posited this!  I thought that I had the only hair that turned into dry sticks with sulphate-free shampoo! 
    And also:  we love Batiste, but will definitely give the Suave dry shampoo a try.  I have completely straight hair, so the keratin one isn't for me!

  4. My hair sistah from another mistah. :D I guess that we have the type of hair that doesn't appreciate sulphate free detergent. :)


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