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I wrote about Knockout Nails at the end of last year and deemed it the biggest game changer for nails in 2011. In case you missed it, here is a quick synopsis of what Knockout Nails are and why you need them now.

Knockout Nails is an at-home system that gives you a long lasting, strong, clear coat over your nails that protects them from breaking and peeling, while allowing you to polish and re-polish easily whenever you want. Here is how it works.

You start by cleaning the nail with Knockout Nails Cleaner and then applying a bonder to the nail. You then apply the hardener and stick your hands under the UV light for one cycle. Then apply another coat of hardener and put your hands back under the UV light. Then you clean your nails with the cleaner, to remove the stickiness. That's it. You now have a shiny, semi-rigid coat on your nails that allows you to polish and remove polish with great ease (even glitter!). And the best part? Your nails remain gloriously shiny no matter what you do to them. The shiny coat isn't affected by polish remover or even acetone, so these are almost impossible to mess up! To remove the product, you just lightly file off the clear coat and your nails are basically back to being natural.

I've found that using Knockout Nails gives me stronger nails, my polish lasts longer, and my cuticles don't fall apart because my nails aren't peeling. It's a giant win.

The Knockout Nails kit comes with the following items (including some limited time special gifts!):
  • Knockout Nails UV Nail Lamp
  • Knockout Nails Cleaner
  • Knockout Nails Bonder
  • Knockout Nails Hardener
  • 3 Knockout Nails Files (file, smooth, and remove)
  • 3 Orangewood Cuticle Sticks
  • 24 Lint Free Cleaner Pads
  • Knockout Nails Cuticle Oil
  • 3 Bottles of Knockout Nails 2-Minute Drying Polish
  • Knockout Nails Topcoat
You can use any polish you want with Knockout Nails. It doesn't have to be a special UV polish. But I do recommend sealing it with their special top coat. It keeps everything wearing long, shiny and strong! This is different from a shellac-like system because Knockout Nails remain shiny and like new no matter what. You can use any color polish you want and it isn't affected by remover or acetone.

Pick up Knockout Nails from  for constantly shiny, stronger nails. For a limited time, use checkout code kongl and save $10 off of your order! (Check out code is no longer valid.)

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