L'OREAL Infallible 24 HR Eye Shadow

I recently discovered some new shadows at my Walgreens that caught my eye. One of my biggest peeves when it comes to drugstore brands is the lack of serious pigment in shadows. While it's not always an issue, it can be, and it's enough of an issue to make me stay away from a lot of drugstore shadows. However, some new shades that landed at drugstores recently have me rethinking things.

I couldn't resist picking up three of the new L'OREAL Infallible 24HR Eye Shadows. I selected Midnight Blue, Eternal Black and Perpetual Purple, the three darkest and most intense shades.

When you look at these shadows, they are different. First, they have an odd texture. It's kind of like if a powder shadow had a baby with the Buxom Stay There Shadows.

It's an interesting combination that isn't quite powder and isn't quite a cream. Each one of these hybrid products has a slightly different texture.

Where the Chanel Illusion d'Ombre Shadows have a creamy, whipped texture and the Buxom has a spongy texture, these are more of a dry but bouncy,  ink-pad-like texture.

They are still creamy, but they are much drier than some of their counterparts.

The color I got from these shades packs a serious punch! The swatches are true to how they look on your eye. In these photos, I'm wearing Midnight Blue over a sheer, nude eye primer. I did blend the edge with a sheer, frosty white and added a black liner. But the blue itself is pretty amazing! I had the best luck applying these with a semi-stiff, wide, flat brush. To blend out edges, I used a stiff domed brush.

You will need a little extra oomph to move these around on the eye, especially if you use a sticky primer. Finally, you will want to move fast, as once they dry down, they become even trickier to move. My shadow wore for about 14 hours without fading or creasing. It didn't actually fade, it was just time to wash my face!

Currently, these are available in twelve shades for under $10 each. If you are looking for a long-wearing, highly pigmented shadow, these would be a great choice to check out!

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  1. Stunning! I got a few of the Infallible shadows for Christmas, but would love each one of these! Beautiful deep shades


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