Liquid Palisade Peel-Off Nail Polish Barrier Works, But Is Wonky.

I am terrible at painting my nails. I always have been. I practice a lot and I never get better. Now that my nails are really short again (I'm trying to practice the mandolin faithfully), it's harder than ever to paint my nails my beloved dark colors.

I saw this Liquid Palisade Peel-Off Nail Polish Barrier on the interwebs a few weeks ago and was totally intrigued. Here is how it works. You apply it to your cuticles and anywhere you don't want the polish to go. You then paint your nails. Once your nails are dry, you peel off the polish barrier and you have perfect nails. According to the instructions, you can use this to also create all kinds of great designs on your nails. Think of it as painters tape, but for your nails.

Want clean moons? Perfect tips? Crazy stripes or art? Apply the Palisade where you don't want polish to go and it won't.

In theory, at least. Here is what it's really like. Imagine applying liquefied silly string to your nails. It's sticky, difficult and unwieldy. You apply it with a tiny brush that constantly needs to be cleaned. My brush went wonky out of the gate and I could never get it to be a normal shape again, no matter how much I cleaned, trimmed or begged. But the product worked really well when I used it as a barrier for my cuticles. The cool thing with this stuff (besides the fact it's really satisfying to peel off when you are finished), is that you can use a cuticle pusher to move this stuff around after it's applied. So if you make a mistake, it's not the end of the world.

I had great success when I just used it as a cuticle barrier. I did not have luck trying to do a matte black nail with shiny tips. It seemed like an easy experiment. I painted my nails black. I then added a barrier across my nails at the tips, where I wanted it to remain like patent leather. Then I painted the entire nail with a Matte Essie topcoat. The Liquid Palisade Peel Off Nail Barrier came off easily enough, but it left little white edges that did not make for a great look. I blame my application on the poor brush. Perhaps if I used a better brush, I would have gotten better results.

All in all, this stuff works, but you have to have patience. And you are going to need a better brush. It's kind of a lot of work for $22. But it does work as a cuticle barrier. And if you love your Liquid Leather and Russian Navy they way I do, you'll take all of the help you can get.

 I bought this.

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  1. I like the sound of this but not the price tag, it seems a bit steep. I hear that applying a thin layer of vaseline  on cuticles before painting nails works in the same way... I haven't tried it yet as I'm growing out my nails first, but when it's time to paint them, I'll try the cheap option first :)

  2. Sounds interesting... but one look at that brush and I am frightened!

  3. I feel like this product could be a brilliant game changer. It's just not quite there yet. Like maybe it wouldn't be so hard to work with if it didn't dry so fast. I bet when they revise it to make it better than ever, it will be something to behold. Either way, my black polish looked amazing.

  4. For $22 i just can't bring myself to purchase it. I'll just stick with using white school glue.

  5. I heard you can do the same thing with Elmers glue also.

  6. This liquid palisade peel-off nail polish barrier is new to me. And I very much interested in doing this kind of nail polish.


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