Keep Delicate Lashes Healthy: Talika Oil-Free Lash Conditioning Cleanser

If you are one of the droves of people using a lash-enhancing serum, or you took the plunge and got lash extensions, you know that the results you get are only as good as the care you give your lashes. Especially if you have lash extensions, you know you have to be extremely careful with them, or they won't last.

Your lashes are the most vulnerable when you are removing your makeup. It's important to use a gentle cleanser that removes all of your eye makeup, while still caring for your fringe. Right now, I'm loving Talika's Oil-Free Lash Conditioning Cleanser. Silk proteins help strengthen your lashes while Cornflower Extract acts as a softener and gentle astringent. A little goes a long way and if growing your natural lashes or maintaining your lash extensions is high on your list of priorities, this is a must-have!

Pick it up for around $25 from

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