The Glasses You Voted On Have Arrived From!

Back in December, I asked for your help in selecting a pair of glasses, to order via the interwebs from, to see if it could be done successfully. This is a daunting task for many reasons.

1. What do the glasses look like?
2. Will they fit?
3. Will the lenses stink?
4. What if there is an issue?

Thank you for voting!! On December 13th, a winning pair of prescription glasses was selected, only to find out that too many of you also ordered the same pair and they were sold out! So I chose the runner-up pair, which I also liked quite a bit.

You may remember that my original goal was to get a new pair of eyeglasses, all said, for $125. The frames and basic lenses were $88. With the promoted site code for free shipping, I could have scored these glasses on their own for $88, plus applicable tax! However, leave it to me to have optic neuritis, so I upgraded the lenses to a lighter material and chose the anti-glare, anti-scratch, UV-protected lens to keep my eyes as comfy as possible. I bought these glasses with a gift card from the company (for $100), but because of the gift card, I couldn't use any additional coupons. So my total came in at $135.97, about $11 over my goal. However, if I could have applied a coupon for free shipping, I would have saved about $9, which would make me come in very, very close to my goal. At the end of the day, I'll call it a win and give the technicality that caused the price fail a pass.

I love how my new glasses look. They actually look really similar to how they looked on my face when I tried them on virtually. Who knew it would be that easy? I love the look and the lenses seem to be performing as well as any of my other glasses. The prescription is perfect and I couldn't be happier with how they look and fit!

Which brings me to my fourth online glasses purchasing concern. What if there is an issue? I suppose because I am me (or just a really diligent reviewer), I did have a small problem with the glasses. A day or two after they arrived, I noticed a tiny lens defect was noticeable in the upper corner of my right eye. I could have lived with it, but why should I? So I contacted the company and they quickly got back to me with a solution. They offered to send me new glasses. Perfect! Since this all took place immediately after the Christmas holiday, it took a few weeks to get the glasses in my hand, but after about two and a half weeks they arrived, in perfect condition!

So here is what I learned. For the price of  two pairs of jeans or one nice purse, you can get a face changing pair of stylish glasses without leaving the comfort of your computer. If you have problems reading your prescription (which I was worried about), they will do it for you. If there is an error, they will fix it. offers all kinds of lens options, style options and guidance. Plus the coupons and prices are pretty stellar.

If you want to switch up your look from chic to geek or hipster or just need a new pair of glasses, after going through the whole process, I would wholeheartedly recommend that you buy glasses from GlassesUSA!

A $100 gift certificate was provided to me. I paid for everything else with my own nickels.

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  1. I mean, look good in ALL of those pairs but the ones that won are rockin' and totally compliment your face. Beautiful!


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