Dancing With The Stars Extensions Change Everything

It's no secret I love hair extensions. My hair closet has been well documented. When I first met Loxy, he never who was going to show up for our dates; it could be someone rocking a fall ala Britney Spears or a cute geek with side knots. I love how extensions can change your entire look. It just takes a good match and a little chutzpah to serve up a new look!

Always up for a change, I recently tried the Bango Tango Bangs to see if I really wanted to make the commitment. I'm still not 100% sold, but having the option in the meantime is fun!

Even better is the new Starlights Clip-In Color Human Hair Extensions. It's so easy to completely change your look! Add highlights or low lights in less than three minutes with no commitment whatsoever. And since it's real hair, you can curl it, blow dry it, flat iron it, whatever.

(Hair without extensions.)

And it meshes with your own hair even easier. It's 18 inches long, but can be trimmed to fit with your hairstyle. Pick a color a few shades lighter or darker for subtle looks or a more dramatic color to really spice it up. Place the highlighted weft near your temples for an easy look. If you are crafty, you can trim the weft to be placed lower around your head for sexy peekaboo highlights or low lights. The possibilities are endless!

(With Starlights extensions.)

Check them out for yourself here. Not sure what color might match you? Find a salon in your area by clicking here.

Starlights sent for review. Bangs purchased my moi.

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  1. I'm loving the bangs!! I'd seriously consider it if I were you. Very flattering.


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