Beauty Shorts: Redheads, Winter Skin & Brigitte Bardot in a Brush

I was reading the beauty book, About Face, by Scott Barnes and couldn't help noticing one specific comment he kept suggesting for us gingers. Instead of brown or red brow powder, add a mustard color to make your brows look more natural. I know, MUSTARD? But, to his point, yellow and brown make red. And since you are mixing the yellow with your naturally brown brows, you'll get a red that suits your skin and hair. Since my brows are dishwater-bleck, I did my brows as usual, with my brownish red Trish McEvoy brow powder and then added a bit of mustard color shadow from MAC (I have no clue what it is. It's in a Z palette from a schmillionty years ago) and it looks fantastic. Who knew? Check out more tips from Scott Barnes in his book, About Face.

My skin has been looking a little on the blah side lately, and I've been reaching in my arsenal for products that can pull skin out of a funk. I'm having a hard time, as I've started breaking out a little bit as well. But breakouts aside, my skin is just lackluster. One product I raved about last year came out of the closet to kick the blahs out of face. By Nieves "C Perfect Skin" somehow does a fantastic job of giving my skin a radiance when nothing else does. I can't explain it, I just revel in the radiance.  Pick it up for $35 or check out my original review here.

It's not secret I'm Thermafused, which means my hair is now pretty straight. This means, I usually reach for some kind of volumizer in the morning to help give my hair a little boost. While I don't understand how a brush can make such a difference, the John Frieda Full Volume Round Porcupine Brush is one hard working volumizer. The brush has a combination of nylon and boar bristles that distribute your scalp's natural oils, while giving your hair major oomph. There are also little bands of silicone embedded in the brush for extra shine, and tourmaline crystals to keep away the frizz. This brush almost makes my hair too big. Without any extra volumizing products. Pinky swear. I don't get it, but my hair is a different animal when I use this brush. It's like a little, magical Brigitte Bardot in a brush.

Loxy got the book from the library for me and By Nieves sent me the product last year.

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