Ambiance Dry Shampoo and Root Cover Is Perfect For Those of Us Who Are Normally Forgotten.

I recently had my hair Thermafused a second time, which means my hair was left significantly lightened between my Thermafuse process and my hair color appointment several days later. For reasons I won't go into publicly, I needed my hair to look like its usual medium red hair color, and without any grays showing. This was a tall order, considering I needed to take my almost strawberry hair temporarily two shades darker, asap.

Like manna from heaven, I received a sample of Ambiance Dry Shampoo and Root Cover in the mail that same day. I applied the color all over my hair, at the roots and down the hair shaft and my hair was magically about two shades darker. No one could tell that my hair had been temporarily lightened and I didn't have gray roots.

(My hair in this photo is at least 2 shades lighter than it appears. You can see where I missed a little on my right temple. The roots above my bangs are perfectly covered, as is my significantly lighter hair!)

The best part? The powder didn't stray from my hair one bit. It stayed put, like an army of red soldiers, intent on holding down the color fort. It didn't come off on my pillow and still looked wonderful the next morning.

I was blown away, not only by how well it covered my gray roots, but how it colored my entire head for two entire days and nights. My only gripe is that it comes out very, very fast. You have to be very careful with this and turn your head, NOT the applicator tube when applying. If you hold the tube brush side down, the powder will run out. If you tilt your head and the brush, you can get a much more even application, without the mess.

This is a fantastic root cover and dry shampoo. If you need to extend the time between salon appointments or use a powder dry shampoo, this is definitely one to try out. However, it's only available in Red, Black and Gray. Almost like they made one for us kids who normally get left out or picked last. If you are on my team, pick up Ambiance from for $19.95.

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  1. I have to try this out! I have always wanted something like this....thanks!


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