Peter Lamas Answers Your Beauty Questions

In the last few weeks, I've gotten lots of questions about Peter Lamas products. Where to get them, which one will work best for you and what makes Peter Lamas such an authority on beauty, anyway?  Long time readers of Gouldylox know that Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs helped my hair grow really fast. In fact, it jump started my hair growth when I first decided to go long, getting me from a pixie to very short bob in no time flat.

Peter has been around the beauty block and loves to tell you all about it. He's fantastic if you were lucky enough to catch him at any of his appearances last year. He's got stories and he's not afraid to dish! He'll also give you the real skinny on why some products work for you and some don't, and he'll tell you what products are best for you (even if they aren't his own.)

On December 13. from 2-3pm PST, Peter will be available on Twitter to answer any and all of your beauty questions! Be sure to follow him at @Peter_Lamas and use the #naturalbeauty to be a part of the conversation. They will be giving away a gift basket filled with some of Peter's most popular products, so be sure to pay attention to find out how! (Psst - you'll have to come back here to get the clue!)

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