Grace Farm Organics is Perfect for Parched Winter Skin

Grace Farms Organics is a small company dedicated to bringing you natural, hard-working products that give back more than they take from the earth. In their own words:

Grace Farm Organics mission is to create artisan organic soap, skin care, and household products using Organic and all Natural ingredients along with healing Herbs and Essential Oils. We will never use parabens, toxic preservatives or harsh chemicals in any of our products. If an ingredient is available in an Organic form, that is what we will use. We strive to honor the earth and give back more than we take.  

Always one to try anything that will moisturize my skin throughout the winter months, I jumped at the chance to test out some seriously moisturizing products from Grace Farms Organics. I tried the Gentle Daily Moisturizer and the Organic Aloe and Jojoba Cream Facial Cleanser. Both of these are very, very rich and will hydrate even the most dry skin types.

Let's start with the cleanser. The Organic Aloe and Jojoba Facial Cleanser contains aloe and jojoba beads for gentle exfoliation. This super drenching cleanser will remove your makeup and exfoliate your skin, albeit very gently. I used the cleanser to remove even my mascara, despite the fact there are small exfoliating beads If you choose to do the same, please use caution. I also found that I felt like I needed to use a toner afterwards, because this is so hydrating. However, as the weather changes, my skin happily drank it in.

I also used the Gentle Daily Moisturizer. This hydrating moisturizer contains organic shea Butter, live squalane, organic rose hip oil and organic coconut oil. See? Hydrating! I found this to be too much for my super-dry skin during the day (and it doesn't have an SPF), but it's perfect for nighttime use.

The best part? Both of these are totally affordable at $10 each. If you suffer from dry skin like yours truly, you have to check these out!

Sent for review. GraceFarm Organics does not test on animals.

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