The Gouldylox 2011 Holidays Gift Guide for the Discerning Gifter

Since the number of emails I get from husbands asking for gift ideas is growing exponentially, I thought I would put my suggestions in one easy place. Kudos to them for paying attention to what you are reading and reaching out to me! Those are some thoughtful guys! These all fall along different price ranges and are sure to delight!

First things first. Before buying anything, check out the Beauty Bloggers Auction. The best bloggers in the business have ponied up their favorites from the past year and are auctioning them off for charity. 100% of the proceeds, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT, will go to Doctors Without Borders. I'm really proud to be a part of this again for the holiday season. I'm offering up a gorgeous Tarte Precious Gems Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow Kit. Check it out - this gift gives twice!

The Sultra Siren Dryer - I don't know if I ever actually reviewed this dryer. It's amazing. I used one in a hotel and noticed the difference it made in my hair instantly. It is THE dryer to get if you value faster drying over hotter drying. This dryer doesn't get that hot, but it puts out gale-force winds that shave drying time by five minutes or more (on my thick hair). It's not cheap, but I'm told the motor lasts much longer than the other high end dryers sold at Sephora. I've had mine for more than a year and adore it. The only drawbacks are that it is on the heavy side and you need a screwdriver to remove the lint grid. Otherwise, I can't live without it.

The Sultra Bombshell Curling Iron - I really want this. Everyone that has it can do those amazing Kardashian curls with ease. This curling iron makes me swoon every time I see it, though the price tag gives me pause. But for special occasions, it's worth  considering.

The Baby Quasar -  A Baby Quasar is an at-home light therapy device that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and smooths skin by using near infrared light (and amber light) to increase circulation and blood flow. I haven't used one, but everyone I know who has ever tried this loves it.

The Polar Pillow is pretty awesome if you have a hard time falling asleep at night because of a warm pillow. But you should read my review to see if it's for you. It's a specialty item, but for the right people it's a game changer.

Ohm Beads are a great way to tell someone why you love them. Pick out your choice of bracelet and the charms that mean something between the two of you. The best part? You can add to it for the holidays in the future!
Votre Vu Bebe Duette is perfect if you are looking for a great stocking stuffer. This lip treatment/hand cream is amazing. I've never met anyone who didn't love this. It would also make a great hostess gift (you can break up the set with no shame!).

Eco-Armour is the only shaving cream Loxy will use now. If you (or your gift recipient) has sensitive skin and doesn't love shaving, this is a life saver. You can check out my review. I know, it seems like an odd gift, but Loxy swears by it and insisted it be included.

Too Faced In Your Dreams Palette is just dreamy. If cosmetic chemist faeries put together a storybook about being awesome, it would be this. All of their holiday selections are in fact, pretty amazing, but if you are related to a princess, you are going to have to pick this up. It's probably a law.

TopStyler- The TopStyler is a lot of fun to play with and gives your hair a totally different look. If the people you are shopping for like to be adventurous with their hair, this is something to check out. It takes practice, but it's pretty cool when you get the hang of it!

(Loxy before his flight!)

And finally, if you are in need of something for a guy, check out Xperience Days. I recently got Loxy a flight lesson and he couldn't have been more excited. And if you live in ATL (and win the Lottery), your husband would love one of these. ;-)

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