G2 Organics Odorless Nail Polish Remover Proved Me Wrong

I got a press release a few weeks ago from one of my PR friends, asking me if I was interested in trying a new odorless nail polish. Of course, I jumped at the chance. But I was quick to tell her that I didn't really believe her and if it smelled I was going to spill the beans, warning her not to send it if she didn't believe in it.

She promptly replied, "Trust me. It's on it's way."

Happy to accept that challenge, the first thing I did when the lovely clear, glass bottle arrived (that has actual quartz crystal in the bottom),was open the bottle and take a gigantic whiff. Loxy looked at me like I was insane, to which I responded, "What? I'm working!", which made him apologize for interrupting my very important job.

G2 Organics Odorless Nail Polish Remover doesn't smell. In fact, it looks like water. I was kind of positive I was being duped into smelling water with a Reiki-charged crystal in it, and was feeling a bit foolish. I've been polishing my nails since I was 5. Nail polish remover smells. It just does. It's part of life. But this doesn't. It also doesn't contain acetone, so if you don't need acetone to take off your Shellac, why use it?

Now, if you take a really long and deep whiff, you might catch a tiny bit of something way, way back in the back of your throat. But if you are sensitive to fumes and don't use nail polish because of the smell of the remover, welcome to NailTown, because those days are over.  This just doesn't smell like nail polish remover.

It even removes the really hard stuff, like glitter polishes, without too much trouble. I was kind of shocked at how well this worked. I honestly can't see a reason to use anything else. Pick it up for yourself in the fancy bottle (shown) for $15.99 or in the brown plastic bottle, with no crystals, for $9.95.

Sent for review.

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