Finding the Best Glasses On A Budget: I Need Your Help

I love my glasses. While I like how I look without them in photos, I really like wearing them. Contacts bug me, because of my astigmatism and dry eyes. Glasses are just easy and offer up so much personality and style, I'm not surprised so many people have recently confessed to me that they sometimes wear faux glasses!

(My glasses collection. They are all different prescriptions. My eyes are wonky.)

There are lots of online shops that offer deals on glasses, but I've always been afraid of them because I'm so incredibly picky about how the frames look and sit on my face. And I want stylish frames. I don't want frames that look like my Mom would have worn them 20 years ago, I want stylish now, with nerdy, plastic, cat eyes, square, wide, half-rim glasses to choose from. And I want to do it for less than $125. This is starting to seem impossible, especially since I have optic neuritis (with no signs of MS, thankfully!), so I need to get an anti-glare coat on my glasses, or the reflections bother my eyes.

Glasses USA took me up on my $125 challenge! There are so many ways online glasses shopping can go wrong. I thought I'd take you along with me to discover if you really can purchase glasses online, or if it's destined to be a headache.

First up, how do you possibly decide what glasses will fit your head, what will look good and what will be comfortable? Since you can't actually try them on for feel, I don't have a solution for that. But you can try them on to see how they'll look on your face. It's really easy. You select your gender, upload a photo, then match the red guide lines up with your pupils, and you'll know you have the size of your face correctly!

I had no problem finding several pairs of glasses that I liked. The problem is picking out the pair that looks the best, which is where I need your help. Take a look at me in all of these glasses and vote for the one that you like best! The fan favorite is the one I'll pick up. Clearly, I have a style that I like, but the devil is in the details. Which pair do you like best? Please help me decide!

(Click on the photo to enlarge!)

I waffle on which pair is my favorite every time I look. Check it out and let me know what you think! I'll order the winning pair next Friday and report back on the quality of the glasses and lenses.

UPDATE! 12/13/2011: The voting is over and the winning pair has been selected. By your popular vote, PAIR 5 WINS! Except too many of you beat me to them and purchased them. Glasses USA literally sold out of pair number five. So if you are one of the lucky ones who snagged them, let me know how you like them!  So I ordered the second most popular pair, Number 7. Did I keep my spending within my range?

The frames and basic lenses were $88. With the promoted site code for Free Shipping, I could have scored these glasses on their own for $88, plus applicable tax. But, I have some eye issues. So I upgraded the lenses to a lighter material and chose the anti-glare, anti-scratch, UV protected lens. Since I could only apply my gift card to the purchase and no other coupons, I came in at $135.97, about $11 over my goal. However, if I could have applied a coupon for free shipping, I would have saved about $9, which would make me come in very, very close to my goal. And now, I wait. Hopefully, I'll have them shortly and will show you if we made the right choice!

A credit towards purchasing glasses was sent for review consideration. Coupons were not permitted to be applied towards this purchase.

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