Dalton's Outline & Shine Lip Perfection

As I'm getting older, I'm noticing that things I could count on in the past are starting to let me down. One of these is my lip line. It's fine, it's not like it's disappeared, but I don't have the exact perfect bow and sides that I naturally used to. This rarely gives me pause, except when I'm on a bright lipstick kick, which currently is several times per week.

(Dalton Outline and Shine.)

I don't mind lip liner, but I'm not a huge fan as I fear it fading unevenly and looking like a chola. It's a great look for some, but I can't pull it off. But what are the other options?

(The Outline end of the stick.)

If the color is right for your skin tone, you can try the fairly new Outline and Shine Lip Perfection from Dalton. One end of the applicator is a long-wearing concealer that naturally highlights your lip shape without looking like you are trying. On the opposite end is a highlighter for your lips. You can apply the highlighter under or over your lip color, depending on how much shine you want. If you want to exaggerate your pout, add it on top of the lipstick.


(The Shine end of the stick.)

If you want an understated lip, go for under the lipstick. The concealer end lasts and lasts on your lips, thanks to Dermaflex, Dalton's secret weapon against sliding and fading makeup.Check out my pics below of how I added a defined lip line and some serious pout using Outline and Shine and Dalton's Nude Lip Wardrobe Lipstick in French Beige.

(Top: My nude lips with nothing, lips outlined with Outline and Shine.
Bottom: Lines blended and Outline and Shine applied to the center of my lips. 
Shown topped with Nude Lip Wardrobe from Dalton.)

And if you want to drastically change your lip shape, this will do that too. While I don't suggest going too far outside of your lip line, you can make your lips look poutier. Shaving a tiny bit off of the sides to make the middle look more full.

However, before you fall in love with the ideas this pencil holds, make sure it's available in a color that works for you. Since it's fairly new, it's only available in limited colors, Light/Medium and Medium/Tan. But if these colors take off, we can all keep our collective fingers crossed for a wider color spectrum. Pick it up from the Q for less than $30.

Sent for review.  Not tested on animals.

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