Beauty Shorts: My Own Amazing Race is Making Me Crazy

I am on day three of a four-day shoot and I'm not even sure what day of the week it is. If you asked me and made me answer right now, gun to my head, I'd say Wednesday. But I think I might be wrong. I'm not really sure.

(Swanky keys to my nice hotel room.)

Day confusion aside, I still have beauty news to tell you about. But I'll make it short.

(Sink number one in my not so nice hotel room.)

1.  I had to use a sulfate-free shampoo that wasn't Wen last night. I had my hair colored two weeks ago and have had no color loss. I used something besides Wen last night and the shower water turned orange as I rinsed out my hair. If I hadn't been upset about a friend's pending divorce, I would have grabbed a camera and taken a picture of the water. On second thought, that also would have been gross. So maybe it's best I didn't. Either way, I can't believe the loss of color with one shampoo with something that isn't Wen.


(My second sink in my not so nice hotel room.)

2.  I love my Sultra hair dryer. I've been singing its praises for over a year and I love how quickly its super motor dries my hair. At home, it takes me maybe 5-7 minutes to dry my very thick collarbone-length hair. (Side note: saying "collarbone-length hair" is like saying "24 months" about your 2-year old. It's shoulder-length hair. But since it's my first time having hair this long, I want to make sure every millimeter is counted. Yeah, like a baby.)  In the hotel, I used the Sunbeam dryer that is attached to the wall. It took me TWENTY-TWO MINUTES. Granted, it's a baby travel dryer and I'm used to a Sultra, but twenty-two minutes? In the immortal words of G.O.B., "Come On!"

(Wearing the Tarte palette.)

3.  On this trip, I brought my Tarte Putting On the Glitz multi-palette collection. I"ll be sure to take pics and show you everything as soon as my Amazing Race ends, but just know that you need this. It's so adorable that you can swap out the palettes in a cute bag. But the Tarte colors are so pretty, you aren't going to want to miss them. Tarte has a way of doing eyeshadow that makes the colors sheer yet pigmented. As if they melt into the skin and glisten, while still defining your eyes. This is under $50, so pick one up before they are gone!

(My third sink. Why do you need so many sinks, Chicago? Are you that dirty of a city?)

 Tarte was sent for review.

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  1. Yes, Chicago is that dirty. I moved away 10 years ago and I'm sure I still have a bit of that place in my lungs!


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