360 Electrical Solves Your Styling Tool Dilemmas

If you are anything like me, you have a few curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers, lamps and an airbrush all plugged into a surge protector strip. This is great except that so many of these have oversized plugs. I am constantly plugging and unplugging styling tools to make room on the power strip. There is just too much bending and arcing, not to mention a constantly shifting rat's nest of wires.

And then Loxy spotted this at BJ's and everything changed.

360 Electrical's 6-Outlet Expandable Power Strip allows you to arrange your power strip how you need it to make the most of your styling tools. I picked this up for $17.99 at our local BJ's Warehouse.  While the rat's nest management is up to you, if everything can just stay in its place, life is a lot easier. (But don't forget to unplug the the strip from the socket to conserve energy when you are finished each morning.)

Pick this up from BJ's Warehouse or pick up something similar from Amazon. I don't see it on their website any longer, but they do have several other fantastic options.

I bought this.

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