Would the TopStyler Change the Way You Do Your Hair?

From the moment I saw the infomercial, I knew I needed the TopStyler in my life. It's by the same people who brought you the InStyler, which I adore and use constantly. The TopStyler is different from anything else on the market, and gives you a different look than you can get with other tools.

Essentially, the TopStyler includes clamshell-shaped clamps, called C-Shell. These come in two different sizes and are ceramic and tourmaline on the inside. This means that the clips will heat evenly and impart a healthy shine to the hair. The clips heat up by sitting on two rows of "heaters" on the inside of the case.

In about four minutes, the clips heat up to optimal temperature and are ready for use. Here is where it gets fun. You can create ja-schmillions of looks with this tool. How do I know? It comes with a booklet that has literally bajillions of looks. Or, at the least, a lot of different styles. Each one is obtained by a bit of trial and error, with the end result always looking pretty. These definitely take a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, you'll have Hollywood hair whenever you want it.

So what do you do with the clips? It's easy. You wrap your hair around your fingers to create any pattern you want, slide the hair off of your finger, into the heated C-Shell and let it cool. If you want tight curls, wrap your hair around one finger and leave the shells in place until they cool completely. If you want looser curls, wrap your hair around two or three fingers and wait for the shells to partially cool. Want haphazard waves? Twist the hair and then wrap it around your fingers. Change the direction of the curl by the way you roll the hair. If you still need more options, you can wrap your hair in a figure 8 around your fingers or use the wave rods that come with the kit. Personally, I like to use my fingers, but it's totally up to you to be as creative as you can! As long as you wrap neatly and tuck your ends, you'll get a great result. And it comes with a style guide that gives you endless options. Seriously, the different techniques go on for days.

The TopStyler definitely takes a little practice to make perfect and I've found it's easiest to work on hair that is a few inches below your shoulders, but with patience, you can wrap shorter hair. Here are some photos of how it worked on my hair, as well as on my coworker's hair (who was awesomely tolerant to let me do this to her while she actually WORKED).

(My first try. I didn't let the shells cool completely.)

(Another attempt, letting the shells cool for about 15 minutes.)

(Same hair as above, different pic.)


(Shells cooled for about 10 minutes.)

What do you think? Would you be willing to try this? I'm really liking it. I know I'm going to love it when my hair gets a smidge longer. Have you used this? What is your favorite technique?

Product sent for review.
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  1. Ooeeh never heared of this, looks very good :)

  2. Omg. Must. Have. This looks amahzing and perhaps exactly what I'm looking for!


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