Wen SixThirteen Is Almost Too Amazing To Use

It's no secret that almost everyone who tries Wen is hooked. I test quite a few different products, but I always find myself going back to Wen. While I'm eagerly anticipating the new Holiday Scented Wen, I'm totally gaga for SixThirteen.

SixThirteen is like normal Wen, but on cleansing conditioner steroids. Imagine if you mixed Re-Moist with Wen, made is slightly thicker and put it in a giant bottle and you'd get SixThirteen. It's a blend of more than 25 natural oils and extracts and 11 amino acids. It's like a luxurious concoction of hair awesomeness. In fact, it's so hydrating that it actually is too much for my dry, processed hair.

(Regular Wen on left, 613 on Right. The 613 is slightly thicker.)

Nothing in the history of everything has ever been too conditioning for my hair. Nothing. (I take this whole hair thing very, very seriously). SixThirteen hydrated and conditioned my hair beautifully and for once, my hair ceased being "thirsty". However, SixThirteen is also nothing to sneeze at from a cost perspective. It's $78 per 32 oz bottle, so it's not something you are going to want to share with just anyone. But it will last you forever, if you use it as needed. Be sure to check out the Q for value pricing. The price there seems to go between $54.96-78.00, so be sure to check there as well!

Here is what I found works best for me:

I used SixThirteen every other day for about a week and a half.

Then I used it once a week, in rotation with my regular Wen.

Now I'm adding a few pumps to my regular Wen routine a few times per week and my hair has never looked better. And not to toot my own hair horn, but at a company party recently, I got more compliments on my hair (and Chanel eye shadow) then I've ever received in my life. Some people I hadn't seen in years either didn't recognize me (when we were colleagues, I worked with them for more than 10 years!) and several others asked me if my hair was my own. And more than a few asked if they could touch my hair. People that haven't seen me in a few months were blown away that my hair was this nice.

Either my hair was wonky before or it must look dramatically different to those who don't see me on a daily basis. No matter what, it's working! While SixThirteen is on the pricey side, it's worth it if you need some extra hydration in your Wen game.  Check it out at ChazDean.com.

Not tested on animals. Sent for review.

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  1. Hiiii!!!! I bought sixthirteen and tried it today. Why do people on QVC reviews say it smells heavenly? :/ It smells little clothes detergent with a little vanilla. How does yours smell???
    I saw one review on QVC that said that also and I said " that wont happen to me". ANd it did. Im so disapointed. I also have pomegranate and love the smell. Its so relaxing. Ths one gives me stress when I smell it

    1. I never noticed mine having a smell, let alone anything unpleasant. Maybe you should return it for another one? How did it work on your hair? ps- the smell of Fig Wen makes me nuts. I had to give it away. Pomegrante makes me want lemonade.

  2. Google from Brooklyn, N. Y.December 1, 2017 at 10:28 PM

    I love Wen. Been using it for 3 years. I've used many fragrances, I but 613. is my favorite.


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