TEMPTU BASE Smooth and Matte Primer

I waffle on primers. I find some of them do nothing and some are amazing. I don't always remember to use them and when I do, I don't always see a difference. But lately, I've been gravitating to a primer that is making a real difference for me.

TEMPTU's BASE Smooth and Matte Primer enhances your skin in several ways. Not only does it smooth out the texture of your skin, blurring surface imperfections, it also gives your skin a matte surface to which your makeup can adhere. And the brush application not only makes it simple and mess-free to apply, it also helps tame the pesky peach fuzz that detracts from a flawless finish, forcing it flat.

I've tried this with the TEMPTU foundation, which adds extra staying power to an already very long-wearing foundation. But it's a great primer to use even if you don't have the airbrush. I love how it applies, keeps my face from getting shiny during the day, and also how it holds my blush in place. This primer helps reduce shine without reducing the natural glow. It's definitely worth checking out!

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