Tarte Eye Candy Shadow Sticks Should Be In Your Wardrobe.

The world of makeup has been made so much easier by this kind of eye shadow. This whole product category just makes me happy. Complicated looks you see on runways and in magazines are now totally achievable by klutzes and those who can't see without their glasses (like me). Not sure what I'm all giddy over? 

Cream shadow sticks! Several brands make them and they are not all created equal. Tarte's are fairly new and are pretty amazing to work with!. They have a decent amount of blending time, can be layered and built upon, don't crease or fade and are waterproof.

What more can you ask for? My only caveat with these shadow sticks is that when you blend them with your finger, they thin out quickly and I find I need to add more product to get the pigment intensity I am looking for. However, that can work to your advantage when you are using more than one color. Or, you can use a brush to fan out the edges of the shadow and get a professionally blended look, with minimal effort.

These cream shadow sticks make up the Eye Candy Holiday Collection from Tarte. For less than $30, you'll get six shades! Six!!! If you like this kind of product, you are going to need to own these.

 (Charcoal , Bronze, Moss, Taupe, Champagne, Plum)

They are available on the Q now. I'm not sure how long they will be around, so snatch one for you and one for a friend!

Not tested on animals. Sent for review.

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  1. Ooooh, I want! I've got super oily lids though. Do you think they could be worn alone or with another base to prevent creasing?

  2. If you have super oily lids, I would use a really solid base. Otherwise, you'll smear during the dry down time.

  3. Such a gorgeous set and the value is amazing! My favorite shades would be Moss and Taupe.

  4. Holy crap! those are beautiful! 


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