Six Ways To Look Five Years Younger, Five Years From Now

I've been compiling tips and tricks on how to look younger for years. Some of them fall into the preemptive category, so they aren't going to make a huge difference today. But five years from now, you'll be thanking me over some kind of brain-to-brain interconnect, or whatever the kids have come up with by then.

1. Wear sunscreen every single day. There is no other one thing you can do that will shave years off of your 40+ year old face than this. Be sure to put it on your neck, decollete and the back of your hands. And while you're at it, please don't go to tanning booths. In fact, don't tan. I know, it sounds like a shonda*, but it's not. Just like I wish I hadn't spent all of that money on fancy beads when I was totally into making jewelry in the 90's, you'll wish you could get those years back. Both of the sunscreens above are elegant, effective formulas and worth considering. And please wear something like a 30. An SPF of 15 isn't going to cut it.

2. Don't smoke. (You'll get cat butt lips, yellow skin and die younger.) And you should eat well, including lots of antioxidant rich dark greens (I should totally take my own advice, but peanut butter is so delicious!).


3. I totally believe in aging gracefully. I don't know if I would ever get Botox or fillers. I never thought I would, but I might. Then again, all of my living has earned my smile lines, so I probably wouldn't do it. But then again, I might. If you are waffling like me, in your very late thirties and starting to get the dreaded 11's between your brows or a serious forehead wrinkle, getting a little pre-emptive botox will prevent those lines from forming as harshly. Can't afford it and really want it? Then don't make that face anymore (or stick to your aging-gracefully guns). Or don't buy Starbucks for two months. Priorities, people.

4. Start using decent skin care now. By decent, I don't mean expensive. Mario Badescu, Aveeno, Neutrogena and Avon make fantastic products that won't break your bank. Consider adding a retinol, some vitamin C, or some glycolic acid into your skin care regimen to see faster, honest results. Adding a Vitamin C and glycolic acid (sparingly, until your skin gets use to it) has made an amazing difference in my skin.

5. Stop sleeping in your makeup. A baby wipe will suffice if you are really, really that tired. It's not great for your lashes, it's terrible for your skin and it will age you over time (sleeping in makeup, not the baby wipes!). And it will make you breakout. And make your pillow case gross. Just don't do it. 

6. Find a dermatologist that you like. It's important because you will need someone to check your moles and freckles. But you are also going to want someone who can advise you on what your skin needs and give you the straight truth on medical grade aging treatments. Most derms can look at the ingredients in your skin care and give you their professional opinion.

Check back later in the week for tips that will have you looking younger in three months or less.

*Yiddish for a shame or pity.
Some products were sent for review. Many were purchased my me. 

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  1. It seems obvious, but you never know.... :-)

  2. My favorite tip: "Then don't make that face anymore!" Love it!!!

  3. Love this!  Very down to earth suggestions that are easy to do. Bravo!

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