Obsessed: Chanel Ombre D'Eau Iridescent Fluid Eye Shadow

Every now and then, I relish my obsessions. I have quite a few. This is good, because having many keeps my focus from going all crazy-person-intense in one area. Lately, it's been finding a shiny eyeshadow that doesn't look like a shadow, but instead like you are wearing a sultry gloss on the eyes. But without the glossy feeling. It's kind of a lot to ask. Some shadows can achieve that look, but I've found one that might even look like you aren't wearing anything at all. Instead it looks more like your eyes have that magical, at sunset, slightly glossy natural look.

Meet Chanel's Ombre D'Eau Iridescent Fluid Eye Shadow. This ultra light liquid dries to a beautiful finish that I suppose is a powder, but it's more of a sheen that feels like second skin. It's beautiful on its own.

(Shown in Source)

It works really well as a primer. It transforms other shadow colors to give them a slightly deeper, more intense sheen. It also looks amazing dotted on the middle of the your lids over the Illusion D'Ombre cream eyeshadow.

Since I picked this up, I can't put it down. It's actually available in three colors, Fountain, Delta and Source, but I'm so in love with Source, I can't imagine anything else being as perfect.

I bought this. Chanel does not test on animals.

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