LASHEM Double Trouble Mascara

I just got my hands on LASHEM's Double Trouble Mascara. This mascara is different because it has two separate ends, with very different brushes. One end gives length by really coating your lashes and coaxing them to achieve their longest look. The other end builds volume, giving you a naturally lush-looking lash.

(Naked lashes.) 

This mascara doesn't go on clumpy, despite the different brushes. It gives your lashes a wispy, clean and full look. So let's take a look at the brushes.

The Volumizing side is a rubber bristled brush. The little bristles are densely packed, but spaced slightly unevenly so each lash is coated with mascara.

The Lengthening side is more familiar, like a slightly thicker traditional brush.

(Lengthened lashes.)

This mascara has cotton fibers, which help give your lashes a longer look. These fibers are teeny-tiny. If you are gun shy when it comes to using fiber-filled mascara, this is definitely going to help you get a natural look, enhancing your lashes slightly. You won't find long fibers that sometimes make your enhanced lashes go sideways. These fibers are very small and you can't make a mistake!

(Final lashes.)

When the mascara dries, your lashes have a very dry, movable, light feeling. It's a comfortable mascara that won't flake or under perform and that gives you beautifully natural-looking lashes. Check it out for yourself at for $20.00.

Product sent for review.

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