Grandoe's Leto Texting Gloves are Not From The Grid

I am constantly online. I get anxious if I leave my phone at home. I need to be on  Facebook/Twitter/Google+/text at all times so I don't miss anything. Important stuff happens on the internet when you aren't looking. The impending cold weather makes it hard to stay on top of whats going on, especially if you don't want gloves that look like you're ready to play Disc Battle.

Tech Gloves seem to be both easy and hard to find, all at the same time. Stores are full of gloves with intricate patterns on the hands, while real-looking gloves are hard to find. However, I've stumbled upon a pair that actually looks like a pair of attractive gloves while allowing you to use your fingers to text, pinch and upload with ease.

Sensor Touch Gloves by Grandoe offer a Lambswool/Cashmere/Cottonblend glove that is woven with Infi-Knit, Grandoe's own special tech glove weave that doesn't require any silly looking technical patterns on your fingers. I checked out the Leto style. The glove works no matter where you touch your compatible screen (provided it's not the direct middle of your palm, which is covered with leather).

These gloves are comfy, durable and they work. Pick up a pair for yourself and a friend for $40 each. Everyone will wonder where you got them!

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