Easy Ways To Look Younger In Three Months

In my ongoing series of how to shave years off of your appearance, today I'm going to give you ideas that aren't instant, but will pay off sooner than years from now.

Start using either a Retinol or a Vitamin C product every night or every other night. In a little more than a month you should notice a reduction in fine lines and you'll have brighter skin. I have gotten impressive results with Mario Badescu's Vitamin C Serum and Jan Marini's Retinol Plus. Both products have honestly wowed me and have made a major difference on my skin. You'll need to start slowly with both of these, as they are serious skin care. And pick one or the other. Do NOT use them at the same time! If you are under 40, go with the Badescu. If you are over 40 go with the Marini. These are two of my favorite skin care products (and my favorite lines in general) this year, so you can't really go wrong! 

Consider getting a peel. I don't mean a peel from a place in the mall that swears you'll need six to see results. I mean a real peel from a company with proven results. I loved my SkinCeuticals Rejuvenize Peel and others have adored their VI peel. These aren't peels you do at home, these are peels with slight downtime that will actually make your skin peel, revealing brighter, younger looking skin.

Get your hair in tip-top shape. Lose those dead ends and consider taking a supplement to encourage thicker, stronger hair growth. I've had luck with Phyto supplements in the past and am currently trying a few months of Viviscal. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes after a few months! (But it made fellow blogger, Beauty Blogging Junkie's hair "grow like a weed."). And Loxy keeps telling me that my hair is getting longer really fast. For a guy to notice, there must be something to it!

Start using a daily serum on your hair to improve its strength and condition. A good choice is Revital from Urielle. It's made with New Zealand Makua Honey, fatty acids and antioxidants. It's non-greasy, won't weigh down your hair and leaves you with brilliant shine.You can order it by calling 347-525-1413 (Urielle Salon in NYC). If that is too much work, Phyto's Phytokeratine is pretty amazing as well!

Your lashes and brows may start to fade as you get older, so give them some help! I have had amazing results with RevitaLash Lash Serum and RevitaBrow. You apply it once a night for a month or so and then less after you get the desired results. The products last a lot longer than they suggest on the packaging, provided you don't spill it. You are going to thank me for this tip!

Start using something specifically for your neck and decollete. I have always ignored this area, but started using Murad's Rejuvenating Lift For Neck and Decollete and I am seeing tighter, younger looking skin.

Did I forget something? What are your favorite tips? Tell me in the comments! Be sure to check back on Monday for tips and tricks on how to look younger in one day! Plus, I'll give you the skinny on loads of products that truly work.

Some product was sent for review and some was purchased by moi.

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  1. About peels, I just wanted to put in a word about the places that rec 6 sessions. The a hardcore, stronger acids aren't good for everyone and I've found, professionally, that often less is more and that several sessions with a weaker acid works better than one very strong peel. Controlled damage is a great way to get better skin but not everyone can take a lot of damage at once. Especially men and darker skin tones.

  2. One thing more: Whitening strips for teeth!! White teeth make such a difference in helping you look younger.

  3. New GFC Follower (Naddez) on your blog. (please follow back). Thanks! :)

  4. Jan Marini products really do work, one of my favourites


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