Benefit Watt's Up Works on Samantha Baker & a Kekeno. In Other Words, Everyone.

A bit ago, Benefit launched a new highlighter, Watt's Up. This light bulb-inspired beauty actually works on all skin tones.

 (Aren't they adorable?)
I know this, because my sister-in-law Jojomojo is seriously dark for a white girl and she digs it.  I avoid the sun like a vamp and she relishes her tan like an New Zealand Kekeno. And we both love the glow this product gives!

(Samantha Baker and Jake Ryan. "If You Were Here" was sung by the Thompson Twins? How did I not know that?)

Imagine the glow you get from sitting on Jake Ryan's table, sitting around your birthday cake. Part candles, part soft lighting, that's what you get with Watt's Up. It's definitely on the warmer side, but it melts into us cooler-toned gals as well. It's such a pretty glow!

Watt's Up comes with a sponge applicator that is great for blending, if you don't want to use your fingers. You all know my dislike of sponges, so I'm sticking with my digits, thank you.

But if you are into that kind of thing, you'll like the rounded sponge on the non-lightbulb end of this highlighter.

I've found that this cream to powder highlighter lasts for an evening, but I'm not convinced it would make it through an entire 10-hour work day. I wore this to my high school reunion and I got a ton of compliments on how great my skin looked. I'm certain it's partially/almost totally because of the Watt's Up. This highlighter works magic in low-lighting situations. It brings out your features without screaming, "look at me. I'm sparkling!". It makes you look naturally beautiful, radiant and totally kissable. Just like Samantha Baker & Jake Ryan.

Not tested on animals.  Sent for review.

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