Beauty Shorts: Waxing It, Taking a Hit for the Team and Putting It Up

Last weekend, when I wasn't taking a reader shopping on a Gouldylox To Go makeup trip, I was removing hair. Removing it from myself, from Loxy and from my reader, who we'll call Chris. So last weekend was all about the hair and how to get rid of it.

Let's start with Loxy. For those of you that don't know Loxy, if Jimmy Kimmel and Jon Stewart had a baby, it would be named him.  This also means that he is secretly very, very hairy. While I don't mind the hair, sometimes, in some places, it makes him nuts. So we decided to try a few options to get rid of it.

First up was Nad's. You may remember Nad's from the infomercials if you are my age. This Ozzie product was named after the creator's daughter and was designed to wax problem areas on the face. Nad's isn't exactly a wax and doesn't require heat to work. Nad's signature gel uses your own body heat to create the sticky bond between the Nad's and the muslin strip. And if you mess up, it washes off easily with water.  We tried the Nad's Natural Hair Removal Facial Wand. You just twist the slimline wand up to dispense product where you need it and press the strip down, in the direction of the hair growth. Then quickly remove the strip, with all the gusto you can manage. While this didn't work so well on my baby fine brows, it did work wonders on Loxy's shoulders. This may be a great option for you if your brow hair is thicker and more coarse than my fine, barely-there fuzz. Or if you need to remove some excess shoulder hair...

Next, it's no secret that I have been shaving my face to rid myself of the peach fuzz that graces my Irish cheeks. I don't like how it makes my foundation look, but I don't want to wax my entire face because that is a lot of work. Since there is no risk in shaving (you won't suddenly sprout terminal hairs from your face, I promise!), it's been a super simple way for me to keep the fuzz under control. But my hair grows really fast, so I have to get rid of it every other day or so.  I had been hearing brilliant things about Oil of Olay's new Smooth Finish hair Removal Kit. This kit comes with a facial balm that protects your punim from the normally harsh chemicals that dissolve your hair.

You start by applying a thin layer of the balm, which is like a hard chapstick, to the areas where you are going to remove the hair. You rub the balm into the skin, using a circular motion for 20 seconds. Then you apply a layer of the hair remover to wherever you desire, and leave that in place for 6-8 minutes. The cream smells like a tiny bit of perming solution, but not anywhere as strong as something like Nair (even the kind that claims not to smell).

I found that my normally tough-as-nails skin tingled and burned, but not unbearably so, during the hair-removal time. After eight minutes (I'm usually hair-remover resistant), I removed the lotion with a cotton round, as directed. The result was about 30% less hair followed by extreme burning. In fact, the burning was so strong afterwards I contacted an esthetician friend to see if there was anything I could do to neutralize/relieve the burn (she suspected a histamine reaction and told me to try taking Benadryl). I appear to be the only person who has had this happen (based on the interwebs), but if you've ever had a histamine reaction to any chemical facial service, you may want to think twice before plunking down your $23. My skin remained feeling as if it were on fire for about 24 hours and then started to scale and peel. Three days later, I have little tiny scabs everywhere.


Finally, if you have long hair, but are tired of carrying a ponytail holder on your wrist, consider graduating to some of these Good Hair Days Magical Hair Grips, sold at Sally's Beauty Supply. I have incredibly thick, straight, satin-y, heavy hair. A hair clip won't always hold my hair in place, unless it has rubber grippies on the inside. So when pro-MUA Heather Wilson insisted these little clips would hold my hair up, I had to try them out. Heather insisted one or two clips would hold my hair in place all day. I was sure this had to be incorrect.  However, she's the pro and I'm the grasshopper, so I should have just listened, because she was totally right. Two of these amazing clips held my hair up all day long. For around $3 for a dozen of them, you can't make a better investment.

Nad's were sent for review. I purchased everything else with my increasingly finicky debit card. Why does rubbing a plastic shopping bag on my card help it go through?

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