Beauty Shorts: Poppy's At Target, Lip Butters Reign and Dry Skin Woes

I somehow missed the fact that Poppy King, the Lipstick Queen, now has lippies at Target as part of the Boots No. 7 line!

Lipstick Queen makes some of my favorite colors of all time and to be able to pick up some of her work at Target makes me a happy, happy camper.

(The Allure lipstick and gloss.)

I was told they weren't officially hitting the shelves until closer to Thanksgiving, but I'm thrilled I got to be the first one at my store to swatch and test! The glosses hadn't all made their way to their new home on the shelves, but I was able to swatch all of the lipsticks for you.

(From left to right, the colors are: History, Power, Glamour, Seduction, Intrigue, Confidence and Allure.)

These were around $10 at my Target. I picked up the lipstick and the gloss in Allure, as it was the peachiest (surprise, surprise). Here is a look at the Allure lipstick and gloss on the lips together. The gloss has a slight flavor that I can't quite place.

(Wearing the Allure Lipstick and Gloss together.)

Maybe it's fig or maybe it's a hint of Christmas pine (my taster works as good as my sniffer). Either way, it's not offensive, just surprising. These are going to move fast, so start checking your Target now if you don't want to miss out!


Revlon's new Color Burst Lip Butters are also a lipstick worth paying attention to at retailers everywhere. This new formula from Revlon is somewhat similar to Clinique's Buttershines, but not quite as opaque and creamy. Still, they offer a pretty and sheer shine with decent color payoff.

I picked up three of the colors, Fig Jam, Creme Brulee and Peach Parfait. Creme Brulee is a fabulous nude lip to go with a smoky eye. Peach Parfait is a perfect natural coral flush that you can wear daily for peach-loving gals like me. Fig Jam is a deeper twist of lip softening sexy red plum.

I'm not certain how many colors are actually out there, as the number of available shades seem to change depending on where you read about it. I believe I saw about six shades at my CVS. This is a great gloss, balm, lipstick hybrid. I only wish they had a little more pigment so they could truly be as amazing as my beloved Clinique formula. That said, for $7.99 each, I love them.

Finally, as dry air starts to get the better of you. It's time to start toting around a facial mist. Why? Because they feel amazing, refresh your makeup and help combat the dryness that skin faces once we turn the heat back on. Maya Water Facial Mist in Pure is a light, fresh blend that you can use as a quick burst or for a serious, chilled spray.

I'm also starting to realize that a lot of my readers are lurking makeup newbies who don't know where to start. If that's the case, say hi (waves back at you!) or send me an email and ask me your burning makeup questions. No question is too silly, daft or dorky. I've seen it all and I'm happy to help! Makeup should be about feeling your best and not feeling intimidated!

I bought everything but the water, which was sent for review.

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