A Volumizer That Meets My Ludicrous Standards.

Once again, my adventures in beautyland have taken me somewhere I never thought I would go. Now that I've had my coarse, super thick hair completely and brilliantly changed by a Thermafuse treatment, I find that I prefer to use a VOLUMIZER in my hair. I've never needed that. I have coarse, thick hair. I spend time trying to flatten it and suppress its volume. So now that my hair is so different, I need to use a something to give it a little more oomph.

Now I'm not looking for bump-it like volume and I'm not trying to be a Baltimore Hon. I'm not even trying to be Britney Spears. I just want some natural volume to give my newly straightened hair some movement and body. And since I don't know what volumizers are supposed to do or feel like, I can just tell you what I'm expecting, without knowing if it's actually possible:

I want something that gives me volume without stickiness.

I want movement without feeling like my scalp is instantly dirty.

I want something that lasts until I wash it out.

I want something that doesn't make my hair feel dirty (so important, it falls into two numbers) or impairs my ability to go at least 2 days without washing.

This means no hairsprays, no gels, nothing sticky. Not being sticky is especially important to me. I like my newly super soft hair to feel that way when I touch it (which is still constantly) from the root to the tip.

So far, my favorite volumizer that meets and exceeds all of my lofty expectations is: Phyto Phytovolume Actif Volumizing Spray. This spray doesn't give you volume by binding hair together in a fixed position, the way most sticky sprays do. Instead, it uses keratin and amino acids to physically thicken the diameter of thin strands.

It's important that you follow the directions, which say that it should be applied on wet hair, at the roots. Then use a blowdryer to dry your hair. This isn't meant to be applied to already dry hair. It's not a hair spray. You need wet hair and a blow dryer. I also found I got the best results when I focused on my roots.

This didn't make my hair sticky or feel dirty in the least. While I didn't get va-va-voom-hot-sex-on-a-platter hair, I did get really pretty for work or a night out hair. Which, let's be honest,  if I need more volume than that, I'm getting fancy and hairspray isn't out of the question*.

Pick it up wherever Phyto is sold for $30.

* I normally avoid it like the plague. Ick.

I got my Phyto at Sephora and paid for it with my own samoleans. Phyto doesn't test on animals.

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