Phytokeratine Serum Works.

I have dry hair and I tend to mess with it constantly. I'm always trying out new shampoos and conditioners, sometimes loving them and sometimes regretting them. I'm also constantly trying out new heating appliances and ways to style my hair. This all adds up to damage.

Lucky for me, I'm also always trying out oils and serums to keep my locks lovely. One of my new favorites is from Phyto. The PhytoKeratine Serum is amazing for smoothing hair, revitalizing damaged hair. It makes your tresses feel like silk, as if you just left the salon, even if you air dry. I'm not kidding. This stuff is fantastic. Phyto is one of the few hair brands I would trust no matter what. I don't think I've honestly ever used a product by them that has let me down. And not surprisingly, this is no different. If you need to smooth out your damaged tresses, this is one serum you need to pick up.

Even better, try it out at Sephora - they have a Repairing Kit with an amazing value that will score you a shampoo, mask and serum for a little more than the serum alone. I tested this on one side of my hair on several different mornings. Loxy could tell which side had used Phyto and which side hadn't each morning! If you are looking for softer, smoother hair, this will definitely help!

I bought this. Phyto doesn't test on animals.

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  1. I couldn't find it online either. I asked Phyto directly and they said it was absolutely in stores. Maybe a link will get posted shortly. :-)

  2. Where is this said kit?  I can't find it on and I am very interested!! :)

  3. I am totally trying this! Silicone free sounds good to only issue with Phyto is some stuff doesn't make a dent in my hair, ie the Phyto 7 and conditioning creams. But a serum is a must for winter. Love those little trial kits, such a great way to try stuff!


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