My FRAAS Wrap Is My Woobie

Don't act like you don't know what a woobie is and don't pretend you don't have one. Even if you don't know where the term "woobie" came from (I believe it came from here), you have a had a woobie at one point in your life. I'm even willing to bet you have an adult woobs right now.

Mine is my FRAAS Ruffle Wrap (style 060247). It's soft, it's stylin', it's durable, easily washable and all around awesome. I've been wearing it with jeans when I run to the store, at night when it just starts getting chilly, to work to make me look fancier and out at night when I don't have the right coat. In short, everywhere.

(It's long and versatile. Love it.)

This acrylic cape will put up with everything you throw at it, like a good woobie should. My cats have slept on it, my dog accidentally tinked on it, I spilled my beloved Arnold Palmer Lite on it and I've left it at one party and at one restaurant. Each time, I've retrieved it, given it a good wash and loved it all over.

Check it out on the FRAAS website and score one for yourself for $66. It's available in plum, petrel blue, gray and black. You can even call 212-575-0191 and order one from a real person, if you feel like doing it old school. I love mine. I've put it through the wringer and it came out perfect.

If you need scarf inspiration in general, you have to check out this video. Thanks to loyal reader Wormy for the tip!

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  1. Ooww this is a cute woobie indeed!! :)

    meh, I wish we had a little more sun before woobie-time would start though...on the other hand woobie + hot coco and sad movie on the couch is a big plus of this season ;)

  2. Shame on me; I didn't know the term, woobie.  Even greater shame, I have my own version, a micro-fiber, thigh length, fringed jacket.  (Yes, it's just as horrid as imaged, but I swear I never wear it out.)

    You wear the Fraas well and it's perfect for this time of year.  Now to  decide on the color....

  3. Oh wow, that petrol blue is gorgeous!


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