LORAC's Close Up: Real Life To Red Carpet Natural To Dramatic Face Tutorial

Ever since The X-Files debuted, I've been pining for the perfect shiny, wet, nude eyeshadow. It's not just a matte, light peach with a sheen, it's a texture. It looked like Agent Scully wasn't wearing a shadow, but her lids were still glossy. Because of my OCD, I've never forgotten how much I liked that look. It's been since September of 1993 and I've been looking for an eyeshadow like hers. I've found cream shadows, but like my fairytale namesake, I'm never satisfied. I Want To Believe it's out there...

Which brings me to this new LORAC Close Up: Real Life To Red Carpet Natural To Dramatic Face Tutorial Kit. Carol Shaw created an excellent makeup kit and tutorial, which includes a great little stand up booklet that walks you through the entire process of creating the look. Her baked shadows always give off a luster that other shadows have a hard time imitating. And in this specific kit, the Starry-Eyed peach shade is the perfect Dana Scully shade. It's been 18 years (my eye shadow yearning can go into the army and can vote!) and I'm finally satisfied. Somehow, these colors don't age your eyes. They don't look like shadow sitting on your lids. It's more of a pigmented luster. I might need to start collecting all of her trios after this kit.

This collection is super easy for newbies and a nice add to seasoned makeup mavens who don't have similar pieces in their collections already. You can't make a mistake with these shadows and it's no secret that Front Of The Line Pro are some of my all-time favorite liquid liners. The brush on this liner makes it a dream to create your perfect line. It's not goopy or thick. It's like taking a fine quill pen and creating the perfect line.

Here is what it comes with:

Starry-Eyed Baked Eye Shadow Trio in LORACstar

Front Of The Line Pro in Black

Multiplex 3D Lashes Mascara in Black

Blush in Soul


Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick in Trend Setter

This collection comes with a special Tutorial Look Book that is full of Carol Shaw's tips for a fast, flawless face!

(My interpretation of a middle ground between Carol's suggested looks.)

Score two looks for $39. If you are one of my lurking readers who is nervous to branch out, this is a great starter kit.

(Me at the end of the day. That liner is amazing!)

You can't go wrong with these shadows and the liquid liner is one of the easiest to use, ever. Seriously, this liquid liner delivers amazing looks for even the klutziest of us. Keep in mind, I have to do my left eye by feel. I can't see it!

(From the top: Shadows, liner, lipgloss, blush.)

They really need to make this liner in more colors. This kit is just plain gorgeous!

Product sent for review. LORAC doesn't test on animals.
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