Avon ANEW Genics: Look 10 Years Younger in Four Weeks?

As a beauty blogger, I get lots of pitches, check out lots of products and try to sort through the hype to give you the info you need. When companies make outlandish claims, name new skin technology ridiculous things or talk to me like I'm stupid, it makes me bonkers. On the surface, that looks like exactly what Avon has done with the launch of their new miracle product, ANEW Genics. According to the company, they've isolated the youth gene, figured out how to make that gene take 10 years off of your age in a month and can reduce age spots by up to 100%.

So let's think about this. The youth gene? Come on. Please call it something else. (I hated L'Oreal naming their recent skincare launch Youth Code as well.) Call it Flonkersnith 83-2A aka "The Youth Gene" or whatever. Please make it appear that you don't think I'll just buy whatever story you feed me. Next, let's think about the time frame promised. A month is a really short period of time to totally change your skin. It'll probably take a little longer, without some kind of medical intervention, wouldn't it?

One thing I've learned as a blogger over the last few years is that certain companies pour money into research and Avon is one of those companies. So while I'm not a fan of how they named the science, it may actually be solid. Glycolic Acid is also the fifth ingredient in this product. Glycolic Acid is an alpha hydroxy, which we know will help turn your skin over faster and help reduce age spots.Thiodiproponic Acid is a topical antioxidant, which  can help prevent and repair free radical damage.  This also contains Palmitoyl Pentapeptide 3, a fatty and amino acid combo, which some research has shown works better than Vitamin C and Retinol. Combined with lots of skin-softening ingredients, the science may actually stand up.

(Clinical photo (not me), before and after 30 days using ANEW Genics)

But what about revolutionizing your face in a month? Is that possible? To find out if topical OTC products can possibly change skin that dramatically in a one month period, I turned to Harvard-educated Derm, Dr. Noelle Sherber. According to Dr. Sherber, "Glycolic acid could certainly make skin a bit smoother in a month, but the immediate difference may be coming from silicones, which just make the skin feel softer."


So to find out if it lived up to the hype, I tried this product for thirty days. While I don't really look 28, I do definitely see an improvement. I should disclose that I'm not sure my skin can get much better at the moment. (If you are reading this and are 18, wear some sunscreen every day and you'll thank me in 10 years.) My melasma is fading, I only have a few forehead wrinkles, some crows feet, cheek bone squint wrinkles and one tiny dimple line that bug me. (Ok, maybe I have more than I thought I did.) All of which were actually diminished after a few days of using the product. After one use, I noticed my skin felt incredibly soft and smooth and looked very radiant. So much that I only wore concealer the next day, totally skipping my foundation routine. (Twitter proof.)

The best part is that instead of something that actually works being priced out of reach of most people, it's priced at the very reasonable price point of $38. One caveat. The first time I used ANEW Genics, it did make my skin itch a tiny bit, which subsided in a few minutes. I suspect it's the glycolic acid at work. When you start using this, try every other night at first and always avoid the eye area. But don't worry, if you get hooked, I hear an eye product is in the works!

What do you think? Worth trying or totally passing? 

Product sent for review. Avon doesn't test on bunnies or any other animal.

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  1. that is amazing!! Avon is actually launching a serum with several times MORE of the active ingredient in the very near future (I'm testing it now). Keep an eye on your Avon rep. It may be out any day (or now!) I don't recall the launch date off of the top of my head. So glad it's working for you!

  2. U just started using this 2 weeks ago? I'm in my 50s and passed for my 40s, but the other night I was out with my 21 year old son and a woman thought we were friends--I didn't look old enough to have a kid his age. So that was nice. My skin flushes a little more quickly, I find, and I didn't see anything not to use near eyes, so I use under the eye. I actually am seeing a difference. And I'm a harsh judge,

  3. Genics is great! Does anyone need an Avon Rep? You can order right from my website

  4. Possibly....It is a really effective glycolic formula that feels really nice on the skin. I didn't review it based on how it compares to everything else in the market. THAT'S a whole different enchilada. :-)

  5. I'm loving this Anew Genics product - it's smoothed my fine lines and made my skin look brighter. 

    They're giving away free samples right now:


  6. I am a big fan of AVON! Especially their makeup!

  7. I have seen this in my Avon book and now I might have to pick it up.

  8. Worth trying!  My customers are loving it.  If you don't have an Avon Rep you can order online at my site and Avon will deliver it directly to you.   www.youravon.com/sherylsalmons

  9. Love companies that actually throw down research instead of just advertising costs!

  10. This sounds really interesting, simply because I know you don't just believe the hype but still found it worked well. I'll have to check and see if it's out here too.

  11. Hmm, does sound promising.  Thank you for the review, I might give this a shot.

  12. Well, yes but....  if it's just the glycolic acid that's doing it, wouldn't a cheaper version with AHA work just as well??

  13. Wow.. that's good to hear.  I'm always skeptical of claims like that, but it's good to know that they can work.

    Great review. :]

  14. Great Review! I've been using Anew Genics for over a year now and it's the only Avon Anew product that I consistently use and repurchase. I also use the serum and the eye cream. They are by far the one of the best products that Avon has come out with and my skin has definitely improved.


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