Trish McEvoy Chic and Sheer Collection

This season, there is a huge focus on fancy, intricate, cat eye liner, bold, jewel-tone eye shadows and bright lips. All of this is fun, but not for every day. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving those trends. However, if your goal is to look polished and pretty instead of trendy, you need to check out this simply beautiful collection from Trish McEvoy, The Chic and Sheer Collection.

(Deluxe French Vanilla and Soft Grey)

This isn't a huge collection, full of every hot color under the rainbow. Instead, it's a small collection that is honestly wearable by almost everyone. The collection includes a Lip Color in Mulberry, a Beauty Booster Lip Gloss and a Beauty Booster Lip Balm, all of which have an SPF of 15. Chic and Sheer also has two shadows. The first is a deluxe size shadow of French Vanilla, a nude with slight peachy undertones. The second is a Soft Grey that looks beautiful on almost everyone. This shadow is just the right blend of dark and pigment. It's not so dark that it's hard to wear, but it is perfect for adding a contour to your eye and creates a striking liner when used wet.

Finally, the collection also contains a fabulous fan brush that is precision cut and just right for adding a sheer amount of color to the face. It's even perfect for making sure there is not telltale powder left under the eyes. This isn't a stiff brush that feels harsh on the face. It's gentle and perfect for adding a slight shimmer to the cheekbones.

With everything else on the shelves selling loud pops of color, this collection provides a simple and fresh way to look polished and put together. Pick it up at counters nationwide beginning on September 16th. What do you think? Picking up or passing? Tell me in the comments!

Some product sent for review. Trish McEvoy does not test on animals.

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  1. I really like that it's "wearable by almost everyone!!" Oh, do I love that fan brush. I have 2 Trish McEvoy brushes in my collection, and now I'm gonna have to go buy that one. Thanks for this post. x 

  2. Ha! I hate saying something is wearable on everyone because inevitably, there is always someone that can't pull it off or that the colors won't show up on. But these are so neutral and so blendable, they would work on 99% of people. And the soft grey is so blendable, it would be a great layering shade to smoke out a brighter color, if you were so inclined.

  3. Ha! Well, you, Kelly, can get away with saying it. LOL! Trust you! x 

  4. Ha! So glad to hear it! Thank you!! I wish I had thought about blending the gray with other colors to smoke out colors that don't usually do that. I bet it would be the same effect as Dior's Rock Coat on nail polish.

  5. I adore a chic and polished look like this. I would KILL to be able to do liner like the model, KILL!!!!!!!! I just purchased the Paul & Joe eye shadow in Empire State and it has a soft charcoal grey--so flattering and versatile!

  6. No need to kill anyone. Here is how I do it, and I'm half blind. So with a little practice, you can totally do this!! :-) Use a soft black liner and trace the line you would like. Be thinner on the inner part of the eye with the line. Then take a slanted liner brush and starting in the inner corner, trace the line outwards with a flick of your hand at the end, pointing up. Do this a few times. Now touch the same angled brush into some gray shadow (or the color of your choice) and follow the same line. It gives you a slightly smoldering, upward turned line that will last forever and looks perfect. Pinky swear!


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