Spotlight on Sulfate-Free Hair Care: Enjoy Professional Hair Care

I've been diligently trying to avoid sulfates in my shampoos, conditioners and products for quite a long time. Red hair like mine fades faster than any other hair color for a really simple reason. The color molecule that makes up red hair is larger than other colors, so it falls away more easily. Shampoos with sulfate surfactants (detergents) are "rougher" on the hair during the washing process and strip it, pulling away the hair's color molecules. Shampoos without sulfates are more gentle. Think of it this way. Shampoos with sulfates cleanse the hair like a caveman. Shampoos without sulfates clean hair like dainty faeries. Both will get the job done, but both take a different approach.

Now more than ever, I'm all about sulfate-free shampoos. I recently had a Thermafuse straightening treatment that requires you to avoid sulfates as part of the after care. Since I want my newly straightened amazing hair to last, I'm taking this very seriously.

The first shampoo I've tried and liked recently is by Enjoy. Enjoy is a sulfate-free, pH-balanced line of hair care. The shampoo includes something called "Clean Sensor" that allows the shampoo to foam when the hair is clean. Most sulfate shampoos require two washing cycles to achieve clean hair. Enjoy basically accomplishes the same thing, but with one shampoo cycle. You do have to be careful when using the shampoo - the mouth of the bottle is huge, so you have to be careful that a ton doesn't splooge out into your hand accidentally, wasting product.

The accompanying conditioner is actually a Leave-In Treatment. I like to use it as a traditional conditioner and just not wash it all out. I partially rinse, paying attention to the roots only and allowing the rest to stay in the hair.  It's pH balanced and leaves hair feeling soft and shiny. If you have extremely dry hair, you may need more moisture. But if you have normal hair, this will do the trick.

My favorite part of this line is, no doubt, the Intensive Smoothing Mask. This hair mask can be used in the shower, where in five minutes, your hair will become amazingly soft to the touch. Leave it on for 20 minutes, covered, under a dryer or heat source (like a warm towel) and your hair will be transformed. It's worth every penny if your hair needs a little TLC.

I'm all about sulfate-free, hydrating products, as well as volumizing products since I've had my Thermafuse treatment. What is your favorite product I should try out?

UPDATE!! Enjoy has given me a set of everything pictured AND a full size of their Shine and Smooth Serum! To enter to win, click here! Sweet! Thanks, Enjoy!

Product sent for review. Enjoy is not tested on animals.

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  1. and where does one find this brand? :)  I already sent you the link to that shine treatment that I am madly in love with.... but I am also quite fond of this brand... CARE&category=ECO CHIC&model=REPAIR&item=SASX-5

    I really love that Smooth as Silk Extreme and I use the Smooth as Silk shampoo and conditioner, too :)

  2. Here is the link (it's also in the post) I am also a fan of Giovanni, but it's hard to find around me. :)

  3. MarciaF (Beauty Info Zone)October 3, 2012 at 4:51 PM

    I'm using a sulfate free brand called White Sands. It's nicely hydrating but as usual I'm on the hunt for something even better.

  4. Natural products are going to be gentler on your hair in general. Thanks for introducing me to enjoy... I'm checking it out now! PS I definitely LOL'd when I read "splooged"... tee heehee:)

  5. I am also a fellow red head...enjoy has maintained my red hair for 7 years....the thing that everyone needs to know is that ENJOY shampoos are PH balanced and stable gaurenteed for 2 other company does that...along with all shampoos being sulfate free PH levels in shampoos are what make hair color fade. Our hair likes to be between 4.5-5.5 on the ph scale.

  6. i am a stylist and work at a salon that carries Enjoy. ive been using the same shampoo as the picture and the instant reconstructor conditioner and they are great, leaves my hair clean and healthy!!  i also use the luxury shampoo and conditioner from Enjoy, the smell is amazing and the texture so smooth.  could be compared to as Purologys punk rock cousin!!


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