Me & My Chloe Locket = BFFs

While I like to venture out and try new things obviously, I'm also a really loyal chick when it comes to certain things. My husband, my close friends, my hair stylist and currently, perfume. My perfume of choice for more than a year has been Chloe. It just makes me happy and is comfortable. I can feel confident wearing it in jeans or in a dress. It's just complex enough to carry me through an event and simple enough to wear when I'm home by myself. At the end of the day, it smells like me, at my most confident, which is probably how your own signature scent should smell.

We all know I'm not the greatest at reviewing perfumes. I like what I like and my nose isn't going to interpret the complex top and bottom notes in a scent. And you can forget about me interpreting the stuff in the middle too. But in case you aren't familiar with Chloe, this is what it smells like, according to professional sniffers. The scent carries notes of Chloe signature perfume—top notes are peony, litchi and freesia. The central note is rose with magnolia and lily of the valley, the bottom notes are cedarwood and amber. 

Since Chloe is my signature scent, I can't tell you how much I am in love with the new locket containing Chloe in a solid form, but I'll try. The locket is beautiful. It's heavy, silver-toned and on a long, thick chain. It's a beautiful, timeless piece, as far as jewelry goes. The chain is much thicker than a traditional chain and has the weight needed to support the locket. On me, it hangs down to the middle of my chest.  It's a great length to mix and match with shorter necklaces.

Because of its hefty weight and its smooth, domed top and bottom, it is comforting to play with if you are a fidgeter like me. I know, we don't generally talk about these things in a beauty blog, but some of us nervous-nellies are prone to anxiety, so we fidget.

The solid perfume does not have the olfactory punch the the parfum has. It's gentle enough to be used as a touch up, but it's not going to over-scent you in any way. I'm finding that when I need to take a break, remember to breathe and slow down while working, the scent is perfect for centering me, and helps me focus and relax. That alone makes this worth its weight in gold.

I've been wearing it daily and I love it. Beginning this month, pick one up from anywhere Chloe is sold for $60.

Product sent for review.

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  1. I WANT! I too do not posess a sophisticated nose but I know what I like and I like Chloe! This looks like such a classic piece I definitely need it stat!

  2. Chloe is a beautiful scent and that locket is stunning. Well worth the investment!


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