The Hold Me Bag Is The Next Step Up

(While this isn't my exact Caboodle, it is the exact one I owned!)

Every makeup lover I know has followed the same kind of makeup-loving path. You start by picking a few things up at the drugstore, along with a little makeup bag. Soon, you graduate to a Caboodle, which seems to have endless space. Sooner or later, the once-so-large Caboodle now pales in size and you consider a Train Case. The price tag probably threw you off and you realized that a tool box (or fishing tackle box) was a much better option and you hit the Home Depot. Here is where some women stop the journey. Not me, though. I looked into a Lori Grenier wooden mega-cabinet and settled on the Lowe's Machinist Chest, which I've also outgrown. Let's be honest, I have a small room that is full of makeup and quickly running out of space.

But even if you aren't that serious of a collector, if you're like me, you'd still like to graduate to something a little more polished, something that is more fitting for your beautiful blush cases, your shiny palettes of shadows and your elegant brushes. You need something that looks like the image you hope to present, travels well, cleans easily and holds everything you need on a daily basis to keep your vanity tidy. Sure, there are choices everywhere, but I've found something that is a step above your usual options.

The Hold Me Bag combines the ease of an organizer, the ability to hold a lot of products like a large makeup bag and the handiness of a brush roll. This bag is perfect if you travel often or even if you share bathroom space with others and yearn to keep things handy, clean and together without taking up a lot of space.

According to the company, here is how the bag measures up, size wise:

The Hold Me Bag is a compact size when closed, 10-inches high, by 7-inches wide, by 2-inches deep, it extends to 22-inches wide when fully opened. The generous center "heart" of the bag is fully zippered, and includes a removable bottom liner and efficiently holds a multitude of tubes, compacts, palettes, pots and pencils. The flap- covered brush section has 15 separate sleeves of varying sizes that store single or multiple brushes or implements, with a 30-plus brush capacity. Brushes, always difficult to protect, are kept smartly separated, straight up and fully protected.
When I first received my Hold Me Bag, it was so pretty and luxe, I was almost afraid to use it. Sure, it holds a ton of products, but I didn't want to risk messing up the beautiful simulated suede. I've definitely made a mess of my bag through daily use. The inner liner cleans up easily with a wet wipe. And much to my surprise, the outside and brush roll storage clean easily with any mild soap that has been diluted in water.

Most of all, I love how this looks on a vanity. It's design was inspired by an old fashioned school book bag and includes a tie that wraps around and secures all of your beautifying products safely inside.

This little bag is the next logical step for us makeup lovers that grew up with a Caboodle, hoarded everything in a tackle box and have finally pared down to the luxe basics. Pick yours out at

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  1. i love this post! i still have my caboodle and use it to store my everyday stuff. it's been with me for more than 15 years (gasp!)

  2. I left out some steps so I didn't seem like such a wackado. I went from a caboodle to a small tackle box to a GIANT tackle box (like a 2 feet tall one) to an even bigger crafting box to the Machinists chest, which now only holds my mineral makeup.

  3. Meredith Edwards-CornwallOctober 3, 2012 at 4:53 PM

    Caboodle! I so had one of those! I'm probably dating myself with that admission, though. At any rate, this bag is way too small for my everyday use, but it would be perfect for traveling.

  4. You are a collector like me, I know it! :-)

    I've actually been using this to tidy up my vanity so I can keep straight what I am supposed to be testing, as well as keeping track of my favorites. I'm still slightly afraid to get it dirty, but it seems to clean really easily, so hopefully I won't worry as much soon!

  5. This is so FAB! I totally need one (or a few of these) LOL. I'm now following you on GFC and Facebook

  6. I actually do have that same colour Caboodle, and still use it. Although now my makeup takes up not only the Caboodle, but several makeup bags and the top of my dresser. I just bought a small two-drawer organizer for just my eyeshadows.

  7. I sent for this the day you posted about it. I travel 5 days a week and have half my suitcase full of toiletries, makeup and brushes. I knew I had to cut back but couldn't find anything that would really work for me. Leaving again on Sunday so I repacked my cosmetics into the Hold Me and so far, I'm thrilled. I got almost everything in that I had in a bag twice as big, plus it fits my most used brushes! Thanks so much for the information. You've given me lots of great tips.

  8. Yeah! I'm so glad you like it! I love mine!!


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