The Gouldylox Guide To Mascara

Mascara is one of those things that I can't resist picking up. The brushes, the formulas, the polymers; each one brings a different look to your lashes. Believe it or not, mascara is not just the finishing touch to your face. It can define your look. I don't mean in a Tammy Faye way, but in a hot, sexy mama, demure girl next door, or in a lust-worthy way. It's just as versatile as lipstick, jeans or your LBD. I have a mascara wardrobe for just about every situation.

Some things you should know. Before we get started:

(Before and After RevitaLash)

RevitaLash helped me grow amazing, long lashes more effectively than any other product. Some of these pictures have shorter lashes. That is because they are pre-RevitaLash.

If your lashes are lacking, use a primer. For length, I really like Urban Decay's Primer. For overall awesome, I really like the Lancome Oscillation Powerbooster, the one with the the vibrating wand. You don't have to use the vibration if you don't want to. I know. I wanted to hate it, just on principle. But it's actually pretty great.

 (It's all about the brush!)

Don't be afraid to layer your mascara. If you want serious curl and serious length, you might need two mascaras.

Don't be afraid to use an equally serious metal lash comb for real separation. It looks scary, but it doesn't have to be. Just don't poke your eye out.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, here are some of my favorites.

For an everyday, long wearing, non-flaking mascara, I really like Bare Escentuals Flawless Definition. The brush gets each lash. This goes a long way towards coating each one without making lashes look to overdone. This is also a great mascara for layering with others.

For a shinier, fuller, lighter everyday look, I really like COVERGIRL's NatureLuxe. This mousse mascara is shiny, long wearing, holds its shape and feels like nothing on your lashes.

For skinnier, longer lashes, Dalton's Lash Fix Volumizing Mascara gives you major fringe without the volume. Think about what it looks like to apply mascara in cartoons. This mascara gives you that look.

For everyday, thick lashes that demand sexy attention, you can't go wrong with Mally's Volumizing Mascara. Two coats of this and you can't be anything less than fabulous. If you pass on combing this through, the spider look is easy to achieve, if you are going for that.

(Pre-RevitaLash! But very curly for no curler!)

If you are looking to add curl to your lashes, Urban Decay's Supercurl will do just that. This mascara is great for layering as it's thinner and focuses on curling and nothing else. It's thin enough to play nicely with others. Just be sure to layer it on your naked lashes and add other mascara on TOP of it.

If you want long, super fringe, Lancome's Doll Lashes will give you amazing length and separation of lashes, yet leave virtually no gaps along the lash line. The tapering of this brush makes it perfect for getting every lash on the top and bottom.

Fairydrops comes with an oddly wavy shaped brush that grabs each lash and coats them with a thick, long wearing shiny black coat.  While I'm not sure of it's water-resistant abilities, it is like wearing Wellies on your lashes. Not usually how mascara is described, right? This reminds me of having the feel of a light tubing mascara, but a very shiny one. It's thick, wide and slightly rubbery.

For really exaggerated length, pick up LashFusion XL Instant Lash Volumizer. I got more length than volume from this, but who cares what they call it. Those are some of my longest lashes yet!

Finally, for crazy length, volume and sass, Mally's Ginormous Lash is amazing. You'll need to comb it out with a major metal lash comb in between coats, but I haven't found anything else that gives this look. It's like adding false lashes for real, without adding any extra lashes.

What is your favorite mascara? Do you switch it up daily or wear the same on for months on end?

Some mascara may have been sent for review. I purchased most of these.

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  1. I've been liking the Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara lately. it is similar to the Lancome Oscillation.

  2. Wow long lashes!! I love how you reviewed a bunch in one post. I definitely want to try out that CoverGirl NatureLuxe mousse stuff. Major +++ for Revitalash!

  3. Excellent post. Very helpful

  4. I love Rapidlash for lash growth, and very reasonably priced for how much growth you get. I used right after last go around with chemo (I beat it again!); and WOW for how quick and I even used on brows and got my full brows back. I love ModelCo's Fibre Lash, it literally gives you temporary lash extensions with out the damage that can be associated with extensions. 
    I now will try the NatureLuxe as I was hesitant. Thank YOU, doll! 

  5. So glad you are healthy and that your lashes and brows are gorgeous. More importantly, I'm SO GLAD YOU ARE HEALTHY!!! :-)

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