Fall Trends You Should Embrace: Viva La Lipstick!

Every season there are several trends that come off the runway and all of them aren't meant for everyone. Sometimes I wonder if any of them are meant for me. Well, this season there are definitely some trends that even us regular non-models can rock.

Gloss is great, but long live lipstick! For years, I've barely looked at lipsticks unless they offered sheer coverage. Full coverage lips were so not what I was interested in. But it seems like I, and the trend makers, have softened our feelings towards the banishing of a full lip.

Go for bold, bright colors for a look that is fresh for fall. Forget those barely colored lips and embrace a rich, pigmented pout. While the reds are amazing this season, so are the bright pinks, oranges and corals. Here is a look at some of my favorites!

 (Anna, Coral Pink, My Beauty Bunny, Punch Drunk, Lady in Red, Vibrant Coral, Front Row Red)

Napoleon Perdis - Anna - A 1950's gorgeous pin-up red.

Bobbi Brown - Coral Pink - A creamy pinky coral that is bright, without being too much.

Three Custom Color - My Beauty Bunny - A naturally gorgeous wearable orange for all of us.

Urban Decay - Punch Drunk - An opaque orange that takes on a life of its own. I love it.

Napoleon Perdis - Lady In Red Gloss - A long wearing bright lipstick that wears like a stick and feels like a gloss.

Trish McEvoy - Vibrant Coral - A bright pop of medium sheer color.

Napoleon Perdis - Front Row Gloss  - A drop dead dangerous red for a sexy and mischievous night out.

I know I'm all about the lipstick, but if you need help transitioning, take another look at Napoleon Perdis' Better of Red Glosses. These last until you take them off, don't really fade at all (unless you eat) and last a full day. If you eat and drink carefully, you can honestly get four hours of perfection out of these. They are truly a wonder gloss! Front Row is a is crimson red color. Lady In Red is a slightly easier red for the masses. Both colors come in formulas that are more like a gloss to cream lipstick than your traditional lipstick. It's a great solution if you really want color, but don't like the feel of a lipstick.

And because I can't get enough of a really great red lip, if you are really willing to commit, try this Napoleon Perdis lipstick and powder combo, Double Agent Lip Rouge Palette. This gives you a gorgeous matte red lip that won't fade, migrate or move. Apply the lipstick first and then cover your lips with the powder. All I can say is "Wow!".

No matter what your rich pigment shade, you'll need a good lip brush for a perfect color. For home use, I'm loving KIM's flat lip brush 312. It's great for setting the contours of the lip sharply, like a pro. This particular brush is handmade, high quality and $8.  For touch ups out and about, I'm liking my new Ricky's Retractable Lip Brush. Trust me, to get the sharp contours, you are going to want a brush!

Does all of the lipstick make you worry about the fine lines around your mouth? No need! Try a reverse liner, like Borderline by Too Faced, to stop migrating lip color in its tracks.

What is your favorite color of the season? Tell me about it in the comments!

Some items sent for review. Most purchased.

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  1. It's interesting that this fall, there is such a contrast between trends. I love how the nude trend is juxtaposed to the rich reds and jewel colors of this fall, whether in makeup or apparel. Makes pairing things (bright vs. neutral) simple!

  2. Are the N. Perdis' glosses the ones that are available at Target?  They are a fabu red option.  PS: Loved the mascara review.

  3. Thank you!! That is so kind of you! These are the glosses on the napoleon website or on the Q. The NP Set line is at Target and carries different products.


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