Fall Trends You Should Embrace: Orange

Orange is everywhere and it is so much more wearable than you might think. On your lips, your hair, your nails and your eyes, it's the color popping up everywhere.

(Lauren Ambrose in the highly anticipated and equally awful Torchwood: Miracle Day.)

Like most colors, there is an orange for everyone. If you favor warm tones, then coppery, bronzey oranges are for you. If you favor cooler tones, look for brighter oranges that lean towards corals or straight orange. It just takes a little experimentation to find the perfect shade. Everyone is wearing jewel tones, but orange is where it's at.

(From the front: Volcanic (L'Oreal), Peach Parfait (L'Oreal), Cool Coral (Trish McEvoy), My Beauty Bunny (Three Custom Color))

Lips are easiest to find. Oranges are everywhere from Urban Decay and Three Custom Color to Guerlain's Fleur de Feu 142. Almost every line is boasting an orange worth looking at. L'Oreal has two of my current faves: Peach Parfait and Volcanic, the orange that is all over their tv and print ads.

(CordurOrange, Cover Me In Petals, Vermillion $ Painting, Gotta Have Fate,  Digital Dawn, Home On The O-Range)

For your nails, there are so many check out, the colors are endless. Here are some of my favorites, some of which I have picked up (and are shown) and some I still need to haul.

Home On The O-Range, a sheer, shimmery orange, or Are We There Yet (both OPI), a gorgeous melon, are both easy to wear. These polishes are long lasting and so pretty.

CordurOrange is a creamy dark orange, Copper Elements is a burnt, fiery copper and Vermillion $ Painting is a sparkly bright orange that is as bright as I'm willing to wear to work (all by Finger Paints).

Too loud? Digital Dawn (China Glaze) is much closer to a peachy copper and much softer to wear. Cover Me In Petals (Sephora OPI) is a very bright, creamy cool orange.
But orange on your eyes? How do you get away with that? It's not as hard as you think. I like to use it as a contour color or as a highlight color directly above the darker shade on a smoky eye. Napoleon Perdis has a beautiful orange, Tequila Sunrise, that is totally worth checking out.

Just start slow and see what you are comfortable with. Before you know it, you'll be all over orange. Just remember, a little goes a long way!

I bought most of this. Some products may have been sent for review. As always, opinions are my own. 

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  1. When I read your comment, I read it to the tune of that Denim Target ad. "Orange. Lipstick, blushes and shadows! And Orange!"

  2. Meredith Edwards-CornwallOctober 3, 2012 at 4:53 PM

    I want to be down with orange, but I have never worn it. EVER. Need to take a trip to Sephora and play, I think.

  3. awww orange is love, i think i bought the entire tangerine - orange collection from this korean brand called etude house when it came out LOL

  4. i am pretty exited about this.  MAC Morange is my FAVEEEE lippie.  Now I will be wearing it outttttt!



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