The Best Hair & Skin Products of Summer: 2011

Happy Labor Day! I can't believe the summer is over and there are only 110 days until Christmas. I just want to make it through hurricane season safely before I can even begin to think about the holidays (although I've already purchased Wobbler Monkeys for everyone!). In the meantime, here are the products that really made an impression on me over the last few months.

It was definitely my summer of hair, so haircare got some serious attention from me over the last few months. Most links are to previous articles, but some products have yet to officially be reviewed so stay tuned for all of the details in upcoming posts. Here are my favorites from Summer 2011!

Best Outdoor Sunscreen: Aveeno Hydrosport. This spray can be applied wet or dry, which makes application and re-application a piece of cake. Plus it lasts and lasts, which is amazing when you don't want to burn your body.

Best Shaving Cream: Eco-Armour Shaving Foam. Loxy can't stop raving about this and, if it were up to him, we would be stockpiling it like the zombie apocalypse was right around the corner. You'll definitely get a smooth shave and your blades may even last longer if you follow the directions and use Eco-Armour.

Curling Cream for Non-Curly Hair: This summer, when my temperamental hair was in the mood to curl (and currently, it's not), it was a tie between Phyto's Curl Energizing Cream and UNITE's Boing. Both of these made my hair curlier than I ever thought possible.

Best Conditioner: Dove's Nourishing Oil Treatment Conditioning Cream. This works amazingly well to hydrate my dry hair. It makes my hair unbelievably manageable!

Best Leave-In Conditioning Treatment: Earthly Body Marrakesh X. This light cream works quickly to restore shine and manageability to the most parched of hair.

Favorite Oil  Treatment: It's still Leonor Greyl's Huile de Palme. It's been that way for years and it will be really hard to change my opinion.

Favorite Morning & Evening Serum: jeune d’├óge's anti-oxidant moisturizing & firming serum is always amazing. It's like the perfect drink of moisture and anti-oxidants for my skin.

Favorite Evening-Only Serum: Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum. I haven't written about this just yet. That's because the results are so impressive, I want to see how far my skin improves before reviewing the product. So far, my previously untreatable melasma is actually breaking down and dissipating. I think a peel I am also doing is helping to boost this efficacy of this serum. But there is no doubt it's fantastic, balanced and is brightening my skin in ways I didn't think topicals were capable of doing.

Favorite Daily Sunscreen: LaRoche-Posay's Anthelios SPF 60 Light Sunscreen Fluid. This sunscreen goes on with a silky, hydrating sensation and quickly leaves skin feeling soft and natural. I have dry skin and appreciate the extra hydration this sunscreen brings. My oilier-skinned friends may disagree. But I love this stuff.

What is your favorite new product from the summer? Did it make the list? Did I miss something? Sharing is caring, so spill, please!

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  2. I def want to try the Aveeno spray. Do they sell it in lesser SPF's? 85 sounds crazy! hehe

  3. they do! It comes in a ton of different SPF's!

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