Beauty Shorts: I Still Have No Power. But If I Did...

Happy Friday! I'm sort of off from work today because the Baltimore Grand Prix has essentially shut down all businesses in the city of Baltimore. Normally, I would be rejoicing at this chance for a day off, but I still have no power. I don't hate the linemen that are working so hard to restore power. And I understand that in small neighborhoods, there are gobschmillions of people who are all on separate transformers and that is taking days.  But hey there public utility, don't brag about how much you spend on protecting lines from trees. It's not nice.

If I had an easy way to write, I would tell you all about the following delectables I've discovered this week... Living Proof's new Straight Spray that seems to actually work pretty well. I've only used it once, but the results were pretty great.

Or the red Napoleon Perdis Lip Gloss that lasts like a lipstick/tattoo and doesn't smudge or migrate.

Or the makeup I discovered that is colored by fruits and veggies, not artificial colors. (I don't know where the shiny white and grays come from, though. I'll have to ask.).

 ( I boosted this pic of the lovely Jen wearing the shade she designed for Three Custom Color. I hope she doesn't mind. We've actually spoken on the phone, which in some blogger circles means we are practically married.)

Or finally, I'd tell you what a gorgeous color the new My Beauty Bunny is from Three Custom Color. It's a top contender for my go-to day to day fall lip color.

But since I don't have power, and typing on a tablet that is dying is really hard, I'll have to get back to you. In the meantime, have a fabulous Labor Day Weekend!

 I bought some of this and some of it was sent for review. Living Proof, Napoleon Perdis, Three Custom Color and 100% Pure don't test on animals.

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