Smashbox Fall 2011: Girls On Film

So with everyone remaking everything right now, I'm starting to feel old. (Although I am excited about Fright Night and I'm not afraid to admit it. For real.)  However, I am proud to say that I didn't jump on the Duran Duran bandwagon until 7 and The Ragged Tiger, so I officially missed the G.O.F. stage of Duran Duran. However, because I didn't grow up under a rock in the 80's, I still can't help but sing every time I think of this new Smashbox collection. And it makes me want to rewatch those music videos for hours. Have I ever told you that in elementary school I wrote and "published" The Stars Address Book, a magazine about celebs and music? I sold it to my faithful readers on the bus. It. Was. Awesome.

But I digress. Let's take a look at Smashbox's Girls on Film Collection. These photos and reviews are for a mix of products I've physically seen and some I'm still lusting after.

Girls on Film Photo Op Eye Palettes offer six smoldering shades each, both perfect for creating an easy day look or a super sexy look to for an evening out with a Wild Boy. All colors are long-wearing and can serve up a variety of looks, whether you're Hungry Like a Wolf or just hanging out on a Perfect Day. I'm loving the purple and steely taupe shades in the horizontal palette.


Girls on Film Cream Eyeliner and Travel Brush is available in Sepia, a beautiful brown with a golden pearl, or in Blacklight, which contains a blue pearl. I'm showing you the Sepia, where you can see the golden flecks laying under the surface of what looks like a basic brown.

This liner is like all Smashbox liners and will last from now until a New Moon on Monday. Even on your waterline.


Plus, it comes with a liner brush perfect for pushing pigment up against your lash line.

What collection is complete without a Lip Enhancing Gloss? This collection comes with two. Overexposed is a milky, baby pink and Underexposed is a rustic, darker pink.

 (Wearing Overexposed with Smashbox's Nude Liner.)

Smashbox's glosses are Notorious for their long wear and glossy look. I like to pair Underexposed with their Nude liner for a really pretty, natural look.

Save A Prayer For Me! I may have found another perfect peachy-coral blush to add to my collection of favorites!

(Posh swatched.)

Girls on Film Blush Rush comes in two colors, Posh is a glorious nectar shade and Silhouette for people who aren't me. Technically, it's a taupe-y nude shade for contouring or or for lightly polished nude cheeks. Each blush comes with a mirror that slides out of the bottom.

Please, Please Tell Me Now* - what do you plan to pick up from this collection? All of Smashbox's products are good for the animals of Planet Earth, as none of them have been tested on animals. I've never understood what exactly the Union of the Snake is (What is it climbing, exactly? Where is the borderline?) or The Reflex, despite plainly telling me it's a lonely child waiting in the park, so I don't know how to fit them into an oddly worded review. Leave me a comment using other 80's lyrics and I'll try to guess the song without cheating!

 *I know that is technically not the song title. But you know what I meant.

Products sent for review. Not tested on animals.

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  1. The blushes & liners will definitely get a look.  The palettes look gorgeous.. but unless they're some kind of wonderful, I'll probably pass.

  2. oooooh that lipgloss is SO pretty.

  3. You know I will have to make Save A Prayer For Me mine! Is it peach ......or......coral? LOL

  4. I will have to make Save a Prayer For Me mine. Is that peach.....or......coral? hehe

  5. I think Posh is peachier, but it also looks a little pinkish, so it's a little coral. You'll have to check it out!

  6. love the colors on those palettes!! and yes that blush does look like a perfect peach indeed :)


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