Beauty Shorts: Nap-worthy Caviar, Magic, Cheap Hair & Sugar

Last weekend I went shopping for makeup with AbbyDazzle and BexK. We were looking for the perfect makeup for BexK, who is a bridesmaid in an upcoming wedding. Because she isn't a makeup fiend like Abz and I, we had a lot to look for. Here are some of the gorgeous things we found out about along the way. And I totally forgot to look at the Black Honey Gloss and Lipstick combo at Nordstrom, which was my only personal goal. Bah!

BexK has a bit of ruddiness to her cheeks and she and Abz were blown away by the difference the bareMinerals Redness Remedy made instantly. It made her face look even, natural and perfect. I love it when things I really believe in work the same magic on others. It's so much fun when I can see their faces light up with excitement at the real difference a product can make. I fell in love with this last week, but it's so much fun to share products that can radically change your appearance. (Not that BexK needed radical help. You know what I mean.)

While I forgot to check out the new Black Honey, I also forgot to tell BexK she needed a great exfoliant to show off that strapless dress. My favorite right now is JR Watkins Coconut Sugar and Shea Body Scrub. I love the Old Time-y look of the packaging and the so-sweet-it-makes-my-teeth-hurt scent. Plus it's all natural, inexpensive and really scrubs your skin, leaving you soft and smooth.

(Swatched : Sapphire, Cocoa, Jungle, Steel, Khaki, Amethyst, Plum)

Laura Mercier's new Caviar Eye Sticks shadow pencils are gorgeous, smudgeable and then unmovable once they set. Since it was Saturday and that is my day for a nap, I can report that these colors made it through my nap, sleep marks and all, with no smudging, flaking or moving.

And while we didn't specifically shop for this, I'm loving YBF's Define, which gives you brighter, fuller, younger looking lips over time. This isn't a product that instantly plumps and stings, think of this as an eye cream for your lips! If you need to prep before a big event, this is one product you'll want in your arsenal.

Always on the quest to find a better concealer, Abz, who suffers from seriously dark under eye circles, found true love with Laura Mercier's Secret Concealer. It's no secret that Abz hates more things than she loves and this passed her test instantly. I opted for a less salmon-y color with #2 and got the same amazing results.

Finally, while looking for dry shampoo at Target, I picked up Umberto Beverly Hills Collagen Pre-Shampoo Treatment. You apply the milky concoction about ten minutes before getting into the shower. It quickly dries into a sticky and crisp mess. I'm selling it, aren't I? According to the package, the benefits of the treatment won't wash out. The cuticle is sealed, frizz is eliminated and hair is left shiny. I'm blown away by how incredibly soft my hair is. In fact, if it's possible, my hair may be too soft. I don't know if that is possible, but this is best used sparingly and only once in awhile. It's powerful stuff! Not too shabby for less than $10.

Some products sent for review. Some tested in store. Some bought by me. BE, Laura Mercier, YBF,  JR Watkins do not test on animals. I'm not sure about Umberto Beverly Hills.

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