My Summer of Hair: Creating Wen Twists

I am trying to embrace my inner waves, or to at least coax them to come out a little. I love the waves, but hate how I constantly feel like I have to scrunch and touch them, which doesn't help the waves and even adds to frizz. To find a new way to deal with not blow drying, I turned to Chaz Dean, creator of Wen to look for a solution that allowed my hair to dry without blow drying, without frizz and with some body.

SIDEBAR*: I've always thought that my hair looked best the smoother and sleeker I could make it. I'm finding that having wavy tresses and pumped up volume actually softens my features and balance out my overall shape. Talk about breaking out of a style rut - I've never thought of myself as someone who wanted bombshell hair, but I think I might. If I can pull it off.

Anyway, I turned to Chaz and his team to see if they had any ideas on how to meet my styling needs. They suggested I try washing my hair with Wen. No problem. It's no secret I'm a fan. So is almost everyone who tries it. It's pretty great stuff. After I washed my hair, Chaz's team suggested I add a little bit of the cleansing conditioner to the ends of my hair, from my chin down. To add moisture to protect the rest of my hair, they suggested I spray my hair with the Wen Replenishing Treatment Mist. To style my hair, they asked me to twist it into little twists and not touch them again until they were dry.

(My twisted hair, about an hour into the drying process.)

This did a few things. It did make my hair, which already takes a long time to dry, dry slightly more slowly. But it also made my hair dry with loads of volume and body - not really waves, but naturally not-straight, non-frizzy, beautifully soft hair.

(Different makeup, same hair.  Nice body, no frizz - works for me!)

Adding the cleansing conditioner as a styling product definitely made my hair hold the twisted shape and let it dry soft and silky. It's a quick, easy way to get beautiful hair without damaging it with heat styling.

Do you have any other ideas I should try on how to make the most of my summer hair? Let me know your favorite styling tricks!

 *Since the trial is over, I thought you might enjoy a sidebar of a different kind.

I bought the Wen myself. Wen does not test on animals.

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  1. I drank the WEN koolade!! I love it--especially the Lavender. It helps with my eczema on my scalp and my hair is never frizzy or dry looking. I can even go 3 or 4 days without using it again!! LOVE it!!

  2. I need to try this stuff, your hair looks great :)

  3. I like your hair both ways, but I think the wavy, touseled look is perfect for summer. I just started using WEN, and I am shocked that my thin, fine hair can handle it. No more halo of frizz from the new growth, and I have lots of body now. I should try scrunching it as it dries.

  4. I definitely have to try this. I've been a wen lady for 2 years now and have wavy hair. Thanks for the tip.  


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