Beauty Shorts: Drugstore Finds, My New Girl Crush & Evil Rich Boys

It's a bit of an in-between season for us beauty bloggers. All of the big makeup collections of the season have been blathered about and now is when I start spending more time in Walgreens and CVS looking for things I might have missed the first time around.

It's sunny and you need to wear a sunscreen. I can't say it enough - if you don't protect your skin from the sun, don't spend a penny on skin creams or treatments (unless it's for acne) because you can't make your skin look better unless you stop the sun damage now. I stopped tanning and started wearing sun screen daily when I was 22. I'm 38 and it's made a major difference in the appearance of my skin. My cousin, Wormalita, has never, ever had a tan in her entire life and she has the skin of a 10 year old. Or a vampire. Either way, I'm jealous. Sunscreen is the best thing you can do for your skin, period. I'm in love with LaRoche-Posay's Anthelios SPF 60 Light Sunscreen Fluid. This initially feels like an outdoor use sunscreen (technically, it is), but it melts into the skin and doesn't eat your makeup. Just be sure to give it time to settle in first. It doesn't go on white, which is my biggest peeve. It does feel a little slick at first, but once it melts into the skin, you're golden (well, technically, you won't be golden, but you know what I mean.)

Want beachy waves without dropping $25 on that beachy spray everyone raves about? I was really pleased with the results I got from using Marc Anthony's Dream Waves Beach Spray. It added nice texture with only a little bit of "product look" to the hair. Go crazy and start by spraying some Dream Waves into the hair, followed by a touch of Mark Anthony's Curl Defining Lotion. Then dry your hair with a diffuser (I can't say enough awesome things about the DevaCurl diffuser) and you'll get curly hair. I was gobsmacked by the amount of curl I got from this triad. It didn't leave your hair super soft, but it didn't make it crunchy, either. It just didn't leave hair overly silky. I suppose those are the tradeoffs when you try to fake it.

I've found some pretty great things in the makeup aisle too. First up is Let Loose powder shadow from Prestige in Excite. I am a sucker for that elusive taupey-gray-silver-purple-sheen shadow. This one might be my new favorite. It has the right amount of sheen and pigment, without being looking heavy or too dark.

I do wish the sponge tip was bigger, but I always find myself fixing that problem by just opting to push a brush into the opening and getting out as much product as I want. If you have an addiction to this color of shadow the way I do, then you are going to need to pick this up, stat.

Finally, I've apparently developed a girl crush on Tatum O'Neal. While her new show isn't jaw-droppingly awesome, I find myself riveted every week by what an complete and utter donkey her father is. Saying she caused Farrah's cancer on Piers Morgan? Not recognizing her and almost hitting on her at Farrah's funeral? No wonder she turned to drugs on and off throughout her life. I hope she doesn't get hurt, can regain some kind of relationship (or learn to move on) and not relapse (I've been a fan since Little Darlings, so we go way back*). I'm also really drawn to the awesome looking combo of her peach blush and natural rosy lips.

While I'm not really sure what the colors actually are, I have found that these are really close to the lip color she wears. To me, they are either Classy Nude and/or Romantic Rose by Milani (HD Advanced Lip Color).  If I can find out what it actually is, I'll be sure to let you know.

(Classy Nude is on top, Romantic Rose is on the bottom. They are both really similar colors, but Classy Nude is more pigmented overall.)

In the meantime, these lip colors hydrate, nourish and give a nice, natural wash of color to the lips. They are definitely worth checking out!

 *We don't actually go anywhere. I just really used to like that movie and watch it over and over again. It was sometimes lonely being an only child. I am also fairly certain I still have the entire first season of Double Trouble memorized, can recite Goonies (if you start first) and I still hold a grudge against the fat guy that stole Pee Wee's bike. I'll never forgive Francis for that. Even when he appears in a totally different role, as a nice person, in a show that has nothing to do with evil-rich-boy-bike-stealing, I still hate him.

Oh yeah. I bought everything mentioned. La-Roche Posay tests on animals. Marc Anthony, Milani & Prestige do not test on animals, to the best of my knowledge.

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  1. The sunscreen sounds like a great product!

  2. Our Dermatologist in common likes that sunscreen too!  What is the name of that eyeshadow shade? It's lovely!

  3. That Prestige eyeshadow is lovely! I really enjoyed the small print too. I still love the Goonies but I could seriously swing for Sean Astin these days. He does the voice of a character on the Disney Channel that couldn't be more irritating if he tried. Sean and I can no longer be friends....

  4. MarciaF (beautyinfozone)October 3, 2012 at 4:50 PM

    Now I need that Prestige. Must search!

  5. the shadow is Excite! It's really pretty and really cheap!


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