Eco-Armour Eucamint and Pomango Shaving Foam

I am often asked to test out shaving products. I guess that's just one of the rewards of my previously mentioned "aggressive" leg hair. I don't mean that my leg hair is mean-spirited or violent, but it does grow with a quickness and thickness that is unparalleled by most people (and their legs) I know. So while I test a lot of products, I don't end up writing about many of them.

Eco-Armour is a shaving foam that you use a little differently compared to your usual shaving gel or foam. You start by applying it to your legs (or face) when you're in the shower or bath. Let it soak in for a few minutes and then add a second coat of Eco-Armour to your legs. Now shave your legs like you normally would. Finish up by drying off the blade and adding a dollop of Eco-Armour to your blade. It will make your blade last longer and your legs will feel amazing!

I tested this on only one leg, using body wash on the other leg. I asked Loxy if he could pick the Eco-Armour leg and each morning, he could tell the Eco-Armour leg from the body wash leg. My Eco-Armour leg was dramatically softer, smoother and silkier. Loxy has even started using it on his face and marvels at it each morning. Plus, his skin looks more clear and less irritated from shaving.

Eco-Armour is vegan and made of essential oils and citric acid. The combination leaves your skin feeling silkier than ever. This is definitely the best shave I've gotten in a very long time. It's available in two scents. Eucamint is a minty fresh scent, and Pomango is a sweet citrus scent.

Pick one up from Eco-Armour for $14.00.

Product was sent for review. Eco-Armour does not test on animals.

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