COVERGIRL LipPerfection Lipcolor is Lush, Bright and Lovely!

I recently got the chance to check out several of the new COVERGIRL LipPerfection Lipcolor. These new lipcolors are formulated to give you a high shine, beautifully pigmented, hydrated pout. What makes these lipcolors differ from the zillions of others at the drugstore, besides the pigmented color,  is the silk moisturizing complex.

COVERGIRL's exclusive silk moisturizing complex includes olive, avocado and aloe oil, shea butter, white tea and silk protein, all of which gives your lips a hydrating treat that I usually equate with more expensive lip products.

One of my gripes with drugstore lipcolor is that it normally falls a little flat. It's either really pigmented and very dry feeling or super hydrating and has no color. I am also not usually happy with the color selection. Sure, there are hundreds of colors to choose from, but they almost always seem flat and uninspired. And mauve-y or pink seem to make up the majority of the colors.

(Wearing Soulmate)

On the other hand, I've also been known to wear a lot of nude lip glosses and light peachy tones, so maybe I should be branching out.

(Wearing the uber-trendy Impassion, a lovely orange)

I decided to try several shades from the new LipPerfection collection and see if I could break my streak of wearing a nude lipcolor with a peachy lip gloss.

(Wearing Rapture)

Pictures don't lie (although most of the time, I'd give my long lashes if they did!), so check out how much a strong lipcolor can help change your look and balance out your features!

(Wearing Enthrall)

I found that all of these colors wore for a long, long time (starting with a few hours without needing a touch up), which is way longer than my usual glosses last.

(Wearing Enchantress, totally for scientific purposes. This is not my color, but it could be yours.)

I also found that after people stopped saying, "Wow. You are wearing lipstick," that I got a lot of compliments.

(Wearing Dazzle, that elusive pink that reminds me of Julia Roberts pink lips in My Best Friend's Wedding.
Redheads never forget a great pink!)

I'm not sure why wearing a bright color on my lips is what brings out the comments from people who normally don't speak to me.

(Wearing Temptress)

It's not feathered hair extensions, a wig or hot pink eyeliner, so it must be the gorgeous COVERGIRL's Temptress lipstick.

(Wearing Kiss)

With so many colors to choose from, a few have to be right for you. These are just as nice, if not better, than the majority of lipsticks I've paid department store money for. So save your pennies for something else and check out LipPerfection!

COVERGIRL tests on animals. Some lip colors were sent for review. And some were purchased by moi.

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  1. Kelly, Soulmate is probably my favorite on you, but you can easily wear Impassion and Enthrall (another favorite!). Sounds great--and I think I won one from CoverGirl, so I'll have to see what they send me!

  2. I'm a total lipstick/gloss snob as well and discovered these a few months ago.... Totally agree with you! I love the staying power. I tried a color that I didn't care for, wiped it off, it left a stain on my lips, added some Chanel gloss, and voilĂ ! Created a perfect shade, ha!

  3. Soulmate is awesome on you--you should wear it everyday of your life--just sayin'.

  4. I'll definitely have to wear it more often! Thanks, C!

  5. Don't often comment but am going out this weekend to try Soulmate.  It looks phenomenal on you and think I might like it as well.  thanks for the blog.  beth

  6. I just picked up my fourth color yesterday because it looks so good on you: Impassion! Love it! These are pretty great lipsticks, even without the caveat, "for the price."
    Thank you for the lovely pictures and review :)

  7. I have two, Darling and Rush. I can barely wait to purchase more!


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