Cover FX Donates to the Skin Cancer Foundation

This month, Cover FX is giving back to help skin cancer research. Every time you buy the SkinTint FX SPF30, BritePrep FX SPF50 or even when you "Like" them on Facebook, they will donate money to The Skin Cancer Foundation. I'm a huge fan of the SkinTint FX and the BritePrep FX.

Check out my reviews of them here and here. In the meantime, be sure to "Like" them on Facebook now!

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  1. What some companies fail to recognize is their influence on
    its consumers. Having great skin care lines advocating the fight for skin cancer
    really pushes its lion’s share of users to do the same. As more campaigns
    similar to this come out, they tend to play a (much more) vital role as leaders,
    day-to-day furthering their goal in preventing skin cancer.


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